FBU uses Newquay deaths to bang their drum

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Seagull, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Despicable.


    I'm not a lover of the FBU but I really didn't think they would sink so low as this. They've used the death of this person (possibly another 2) to bang their drum about perceived cuts in the Fire Service.

    It wouldn't have been so bad if they had waited for a while or at least till after the coroners enquiry.
  2. If indeed staff shortages did hamper the operation then whats wrong with highlighting those issues ?? cannot see what your getting so stressed about
  3. It looks like the govt are manning fire stations for the quiet periods and on the probability that they wont be needed.

    Like a peace dividend for the firies.

    They just don't like paying people to sleep.
  4. Got no problems with them raising the issues mate, the FBU is famously militant (hence the pre op Telic strike) I just think they could have waited a bit longer seeing as a bloke has just died instead of using it to forward their own agenda.

    Perhaps if their members didn't play the system so well there would be more money. Like a mate of mine who's a firefighter but in an office job. He still gets paid as per his rank but can also be retained and get even more money for the occasional inconvenience of being called out on his day or night off.
  5. hold on a minute...does this site not use every mishap, mistake or inconvenience to make a point about funding and resources. It is not the FBU that cuts services and here they may have a point-let them say what they feel the need to. There are plenty of people here willing to make capital out of tragedy-let us be constructively critical but not hypocritical.
  6. People "play the system" wherever they can, generally. This also happens in the forces, regularly.

    They're being smart, striking whilst the irons hot, as it were. They're attemtping to harness public opinion whilst this fire is still fresh in the minds of people - "Look what happens when you cut back the Fire Service - Stop cut backs!"

    Clever, if somewhat distasteful due to the death of one man in this fire.
  7. Yeah but the firesquirters are a bunch of self serving to$$ers who showed that they coudn't give a sh1t about anybody but themselves. There was an extensive thread some years ago (search for firesquirters and read it for yourself). Claiming the public suffer is crap they are simply furthering their own agenda.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Unlike UK armed forces, they say "Look what happens when you don't give us our cake AND allow us to eat it! We stop the service, go on strike, put lives at risk and get the much lower paid, under-resourced army to pick up the tab without hesitation, whilst we camp it up at the side of the road!"

    Self-serving, money grubbing turds, the lot of them. If they'd read the "Comfy Chair, and how to get out of it an emergency" manual, they'd have got there quicker. :evil:
  9. There were several quotes in the press blaming the deaths on the fire service for not getting there quick enough. This is their way of trying to set the record straight. Agreed, it may seem tasteless after such a short time frame but it'd be lucky to get a single line in the press in a few days time.
  10. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, see devexwarriors point.

    I don't think the Fire Service are wonderful people with no agenda to push, but it might be sensible to think about what ARRSE users do whenever an issue close to our collective hearts is raised in the public arena. We do what the FBU has just done.
  11. Hmmm, so the aerial platform took 90 minutes to travel the 50 miles from Plymouth on blue lights ......

    Of that 90 minutes, how long did it take them to get out of bed, have a wash, quick bacon sarnie, cup of tea etc before they departed?
  12. EXTREMELY unfair of you, Augustus - I sincerely doubt that the men who man this platform would take their time in getting to a blaze on purpose! Their could be a multitude of reasons as to why the aerial platform took so much time to get there - A/C servicability, state of readiness at the time, etc.
  13. Haven't you heard of 'politics'? Duh. Now is precisely the time to raise such matters. If I was an FBU member and the leadership failed to raise it now I'd do my best to vote them out of office and elect someone with a brain.

    Hopefully the FBU leadership will share a platform with the families of the dead within the next few days and jointly condemn the government for cutting the fire service. With as much photogenic weeping as possible from (ideally) attractive female family members.
  14. Unfair? Of course.

    But to those of us who did Op FRESCO old prejudices die hard.

    I concede they probably didn't wait to have a sandwich.
  15. Are you shagging a firesquirter then Goon?

    They're to$$ers who will put peoples lives in danger to further their agenda without a second thought. Comparing them to soldiers is an insult. Do you not remember their actions just before Op Telic?