FBI warns of al-Qaeda truck bombs


Intelligence officials in the US have warned police agencies that al-Qaeda may be planning attacks using fuel tankers in major US cities.
The warning said fuel-laden vehicles could be hijacked and rammed into petrol stations to explode.

The cities of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are reported to be major targets.

However, FBI officials have stressed that the information which led to the warning has not been substantiated.

The possible attacks are reported to be being planned to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks.

"Attacks are planned specifically for New York, Chicago and Los Angeles," said the memo, issued on Wednesday to police authorities in Los Angeles.
Personally, I think there will be more terror caused by fuel tankers when gas gets to $4.00 a gallon.
If you can afford to make payments on an SUV you can afford $4 a gallon gas. But I dont expect it will get to that point this year. If the US build a few refineries then supply will be able to keep up with demand. We havent built a refinery in this country in over 20 years.
You people don't know you are born
It's £1.70-£1.90 a litre in most of the UK
Enjoy it while you can
don't you mean 0.70-0.90 per litre? Or did it shoot up a quid in the last month when I wasn't looking?
Fuel truck bombings are unfortunately a well proven MO for AQ. AQ fuel truck bombs were used in Al Khubar bombing of '96? and more recently in Casablanca bombing of '03.

On oil, I wonder what the true state of USA strategic oil reserves are? Clinton did use them to bring the down the price of oil a couple of times in 1990s IIRC and Bush did so to avert a winter fuel crisis. Its just rather shocking that the adminstration has done nothing to halt the rise IMO.
Economics 101. The function of price is supply and demand. In the US due to lack of refining capability we see higher prices. No new refineries have been built for 20 years so the one's we have are at 100%. As part of the new energy bill that was passed, military bases that are being shut down could be used to build new refining capability. The US percentage of foreign oil imported into the US is actually less than it was 20 year's ago.
Darthspud wrote

You people don't know you are born
It's £1.70-£1.90 a litre in most of the UK
Enjoy it while you can
Darth where do you live? Do you mean 1.70 - 1.90 a litre of nitro 8O

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