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Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. I realize facts are largely irrelevant to many participants in the "assault rifle ban" debate but these FBI data for 2011 show that more people are murdered in the US by clubs and hammers (496) or even hands and feet (726) than by all "rifles" (323) that even include more types of long guns than just "assault rifles" such that the actual number of the evil black guns is even smaller. I suppose we should also have a ban on hammers and body parts as well.
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  2. Just because there's less of them doesn't make it alright. Or do those preventable murders not matter as a result? Personally I couldn't care either way, just pointing out your shite argument

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  3. It may well be true that more murders are carried out with household objects than with rifles, but JJH can you supply me with details of the last time someone killed 20 kids and six adults with a hammer in a few hours.
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  4. Ban Americans?

    They seem very dangerous.
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  5. Not my point old chap. I am merely trying to keep the discussion rational which is something it is not at present among many. I do not want to see what happened in Australia in response to highly emotional incidents happen in the US. If it can be proven that a given "gun control" measure will actually address the issue as intended and that it can be fairly enforced consistent with the limits of the 2d Amendment then I have no objection to it. Most of those on here clamoring for an " assault" rifle ban appear to be unaware of the previous dismal failure of the last such effort and/or are either viewing the situation through the lens of their peculiar circumstances of a different nation and culture.

    i believe history is on my side in this debate that focusing on the tool used to murder rather that the murderer and the circumstances that made victims defenseless in the first place. In America at least, I do not believe there is any effective way to stop incidents like that in Connecticut other than protecting the defenseless with immediate effective armed defense.
  6. Change that from 'rifles' to 'firearms' and I think your argument would fail by thousands rather than hundreds. Anyone can pic and choose statistics their argument. its more dependent on whether you can look at the statistics and interpret them with some sense. The argument is not if people are going to kill people, but whether any sane government should allow any idiot the means to do it quicker with a lot less effort.

    Idiots. They are everywhere.

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  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Out of the last 62 mass killings in Septicland in the last eight years 60 of those were carried out using high capacity 9mm semi automatic pistols - I think Glock was the most popular choice. It's just the septics being extremely dishonest when trying to make a political point is all.
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  8. Half of the murders were as a result of hand guns (6220/12664).
    Other murders where firearms were the weapon of choice include rifles (323) shotguns (356) and unspecified firearms (1684) giving a total of 8583 or two thirds of all murders carried out were done using firearms.
    Sharp weapons (knives etc) accounted for 1694, blunt weapons (hammers etc) for 496, and no weapons (punching/kicking/stamping/butting) 726.
    Only five were by poisoning, and just two by defenestration.
  9. By what?
  10. Call us crazy then. Just sayin'
  11. Throwing from a window.
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  12. I await your answer has to just how these murders were "preventable." If your answer is remove the evil assault rifle, even setting aside the reality that sufficient hundreds of thousands are already here in private hands--some of the owners of which are criminals--you may wish to consider that there are myriad hunting rifles with detachable magazines of which one could merely buy a sufficient number or for that matter a pump shotgun with sufficient numbers of cartridges (weapons that I submit will never be banned or even "registered" in the US) to commit the very same murders, especially since the entire population of the school was literally defenseless against any weapon. I stand with the majority of Americans who believe having an armed presence at each school (whether police, private security or trained staff members) is the best, even if imperfect, answer to these kinds of crimes.

    Anyway, I grow weary of this roundabout so I will take the next exit and leave it to all the experts from other nations and here as well to solve our gun crime problems. Meanwhile I will continue to keep and bear arms as the law allows.
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  13. Thank you kind sir. Add windows to the ban list.
  14. And water. There were fifteen drownings.

    Oh, hang on. There were 75 in fires, how would we put the fires out?
  15. I'm sure you'll be back soon with more NRA supplied skewed statistics.