FBI cracks down on Chinas elusive army of amateur spies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. Makes you wonder how many chinese spys are in the UK, and how actively the yanks are carrying out industrial espionage in China.

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  2. Now this really is a toughie, because the Chinese industrial spies all look soooo "American", unlike the Israeli, British, Russian etc, industrial spies.

    In the competition "Who-can-we-target-next-to-keep-the-punters-guessing" the Chinese have won!

    Coming soon to a UK Chinese quarter near you!

  3. Thats why there are so many chinese buffets around. :)
  4. I think a lot of the problem, especially in years to come, will be the number of chinese nationals who have studied in British and American universities. The number studying high tech courses alongside British nationals has allowed them to gain a place of trust within the society, "Oh that's just some bloke I went to uni with...".

    People might not mean to give away privileged information, and its not so much of a problem in the Forces as they're unlikely , but most Civvies (I'm not including MOD Civil Servants here because they should know what they're about) working on sensitive info (and that might not necessarily mean classified) would not have procedures in place to sanitize an office if an old uni mate,who probably works in a similar field anyway, pops into the office to catch up.

    Who knows, we'll probably all be friends in 5 years anyway :? but IMHO I think its only going to get worse.
  5. Another major problem is the massive underground Chinese community. A mate of mine runs accomodation for asylum seekers and other DSS concerns, and had a mass group of Chinese shipped over from the nearest port while being processed. They turned up at around 23:00, but by 2am their mates turned up with a bus and they were gone never to be seen again - pretty well connected asylum seekers eh? This happens every day accross the country - despicable anyway but I wonder how many might be agents?

    <TA_s is off to have fun turning mate into paranoid wreck>
  6. Thirty percent of students at Portsmouth Polyversity come from Chinese backgrounds. That is according to the two chinese students (Albert & John - anglicised version of their names) who work in my department. I should add that one of them also works in B & Q in addition to his studying. Top marks for effort Albert.

    Add the (unknown but substantial by my observation) percentages from other countries and well over half the students are foreigners. Interestingly, Portsmouth is below average in mainstream primary and secondary education.

    In terms of espionage, Portsmouth was probably once a target but nowadays the cctv network is probably the highest bit of tech on the island. :)
  7. Maybe those chinese fella's who drowned up near Barrow in Furness were spying on submarines.
  8. htt,

    im sure there must be a good joke about b&q providing (high tech) british military equipment, but I can't think of it.
  9. Aren't they responsible for BowMan?