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FB: Western Front Association: Webinar - Prosthetics & Poverty: Disabled Servicemen And Their Families After The War - 8 pm - 28/9/20


War Hero
"Live on the WFA's Facebook page tonight at 8pm (UK time), we will be broadcasting a webinar entitled

"Prosthetics and Poverty: Disabled servicemen and their families after the war".

In this presentation, Martin Purdy examines the treatment of disabled Great War servicemen after the Armistice and a groundbreaking, but little-known, movement to provide model family settlements for them to live in.

He will draw heavily on stories of poignancy, wit, pathos and bravery from The Westfield War Memorial Village in Lancaster, where he completed his doctorate and is the lead historian.

To view this talk, simply come to the Western Front Association Facebook page at 8pm this evening."



War Hero

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