Faye Turney

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Unsworth, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Just how surprising is this report? No doubt this is all a 'misunderstanding'. Interesting that MoD has seen fit to act as her spokespersons, though.


    I'd guess she that hasn't found a way to send Pieces of Silver in the post. Then again, maybe it's Pieces of Eight. Of course she could always send a cheque, assuming she has a bank account. Perhaps she got paid in cash and keeps it all under the matress.
  2. For all the paper knows she might of put £50 behind the bar when she left to go on course.
  3. Help me out as i'm stupid. But when this all happened why did the commander of the two vessels just say. "Fcuk off" and turn around making his way back to HMS Surrender? Surely to get captured in the Navy its because you stopped your boat moving.

    Any facts as to why a swift "U-Turn" wasn't performed.
  4. I suspect that in the eyes of the Mail she is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

    She is on a course, the ship is still at sea. If she sent it by post she would be callous and off-hand.

    Whatever percentage she gives will be too little.

    Tim Collins condemned the whole affair not her specifically.

    Of course an MoD spokesman gave a comment in her defence - she can't do it herself can she. We have already established that.

    OK she did herself no favours, but who would turn down £80K if it was offered and your bosses said it was allright. The interviews should have been better controlled, she should have been better briefed and prepared to present herself in a better light. Not her fault - have a go at the local media ops who have a duty to look after junior ranks like this.
  5. Seems like Faye Turney as suffered from short term memory loss or as they say the cheque got lost in the post . :?

    But then what you never have you never miss
  6. I must admit to a certain attraction to the, I believe the term is, turtle.

    As for the other non sexual stuff, looks like as people say, she is damned either way.
  7. So this lady has done absolutely nothing wrong. She is, in fact, a 'victim', without any control over her own actions.

    Still, it's nice to think that Ms Turney will, if she ever does return to her ship, be greeted with open arms and equally open wallets. I wonder what her former shipmates may feel. Very good of her to wish to personally deliver the cash, though - presumably you've heard this is her intention directly from herself.

    Tim Collins has expressed a personal view. He is no more an expert in this matter than anyone else.

    And the fact that MoD (and Turney) is/are now sticking closely to the rules which were in place many years before this charade is quite telling. In other words 'we'll abide by the regulations when it suits'.
  8. You cant blame Turney. You have to blame the MoD and the way they manage people. Or the way they dont manage people is putting it better.
  9. I can blame her. She happily played along with the Iranians and helpfully said that her top priority was returning in time for her child's birthday party. Top priority was not keeping her mouth shut, not defeating the Queen's enemies nor betraying her Service. No stiff upper lip or anything like it.

    Women in the Navy - she didn't do them a favour really did she?

    £80k won't buy a clear conscience or her pride back will it?

    For a better way to handle being taken hostage - see 1RWF saga from Bosnia. Or any number of scenarios from Sierra Leone. Not SF types, just servicemen behaving in a way that befits taking the Queen's shilling.
  10. Ok I cant take any more of this.

    Who, oh why, do so many people use "of" instead of "have" these days?

    How on earth can you confuse two completely different words?

    Cant you read what you've just typed FFS?
  11. RE: Faye Turney


    That explains it!
  12. He could of but didnt did he?

  13. No CNUT I spend majority of time serving this country unlike you who it seems is more bothered about talking up terrorists and picking people up for their spelling. When a vehicle breaks down Ill be with my lads trying to get it fixed and protecting fellow soldiers from terrorist scum rather than doing extra English. Ive kept well away from the others who obviously saw through your talents as a complete tube but now might join the ever increasing bandwagon of hatred towards you. Dont bother sending me a christmas card and when I become a civvy like you in a few years time you can start slagging me off. CNUT
  14. The Force is strong with this one!
  15. No your a complete C*CK who has for some reason decided to slag everything military down through countless pointless posts.

    Answer these questions.
    Have you ever served Taz or are you still serving :?

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