Faye Turney - ITV / Trevor McDonald

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spotrep, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. It's only halfway through as i write, but my god... I imagine there are Servicewomen up and down the country with mouths agape at this walking embarrasment to her capbadge.

    "As soon as I saw my cell, I had, like, a total panic attack..."

    Was it just me, or did this whining Pollard-a-like come across as someone complaining about a bad package holiday as opposed to someone relating a period of captivity? This whole episode doesn't raise questions about women on ops, it raises questions about fat semi-literate chavs being put in positions of responsibility. Jesus frickin' Christ. Have you got all your fingers and toes? Yes. Were you gang-raped? No. Go back to work.
  2. Surely, an embarrassment to all service personnel!
  3. ... don't forget "Oh they got 3 piece suits and I had to wear like jeans and a top"... OOoh those evil Iranian Bastards!
  4. Couldn't bear to watch. A proper perspective on all this self pitying bullsh#t:

    Viollete Szabo and many like her:

    Violette was the daughter of a French woman and an English father and when she was twenty years old she met and later married Etienne (an Officer of the Free French Forces) unfortunately, he was killed at El Alamein shortly after their daughter, Tania, was born, a daughter he never knew. Violette was devastated and willingly volunteered for duty in France so she became a member of The Women`s Transport Service/First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, commonly called FANY`S, a Corps founded in 1907, who volunteered to help Winston Churchill in his efforts to "SET EUROPE ABLAZE". Working for SOE, Special Operations Executive, she learnt how to parachute, to be a radio officer, and many other attributes that would be necessary in her life ahead.

    Her first assignment was near Paris where she was taken by Lysander aircraft, together with Philippe Liewes to study Resistance possibilities in the Rouen area. Her second and last parachute drop was near Limoges a few days after D-Day, unfortunately whilst giving covering fire to allow the escape of a key Agent, she was captured when her ammunition gave out and incarcerated in Ravensbrück where in 1945, after horrifying experiences, she was shot. Her Daughter, Tania, at four years of age, received her Mother`s George Cross awarded posthumously to Violette.
  5. She is an insult to generations of professional servicemen & women. She ought to have got a job in Tesco.
  6. I read her interview in the Sun earlier where she says "I chose the Sun (for the interview) because it is the forces paper. You are always on our side. I trust you."
    Obviously she reads a different Sun to everyone else.
  7. And I thought she couldnt go any lower... OMG!!!

    This whole episodes stinks of an MOD PR stunt, they were told of the backlash that these "servicement" would receive if they sold their stories, but seems that the MOD is only interested in getting its version of events across and are so using these "servicemen" in a way that isnt much better than the Iranians did! Who were the first to release her name to the media... the MOD!
  8. Duty rumour has it that she's donating some of the money from her deal to kitout the entire wren's mess onboard with Platinium Rampant Rabbits and a Pot Noodle vending machine in the mess....
  9. On my own CAC course one of the interrogator's phoned up another pilot's wife cos he got hold of the number. I didn't realise the MoD had given away her name. What a total bunch of useless w*****s. The oldest trick in the book. Des Browne has absolutely no credibility left. As for the Royal Navy.....
  10. I dare not watch it as the TV would be out the window. She has set back the reputation of servicewomen everywhere. :x
  11. I hope she makes the most of her compassionate leave. Sounds like quite an ordeal having to use a blanket as a pillow.

    Seems like the MOD has finally lost the plot maybe I can sell me story about my last 2 weeks in sennybridge where I wasn't allowed to wash for 5 days!!

    The whole incident makes all of us in the forces look like a bunch off c**ks, and the MOD should be the people to look after us, in this case they have failed, along with Mr Blair who has appeared to be as weak as a soggy kitkat.
  12. I don't blame her for taking the money. It's a hell of alot more than she's
    ever going to earn either Serving or in civvie street. The MOD should never ever have put her in a position where that responsibility was her's.

    It isn't her fault, it isn't the Rodney's fault. If you want someone to blame, look no further than the political organisation in No 10. This is just another route to subvert the Service ethic, cap badge community and the AF morale. And it seems to be working effectively.

    Do not be fooled, the paymasters are controlling it all.
  13. Her shipmate didn't do the reputation of servicemen much good either! Being broken by being called Mr Bean FFS!!! - that must be on a par with Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition and the comfy cushions! (Sorry showing my age)

    See above comments on Violet Szabo.
  14. No chance of a shag then???
  15. Spot on