Faye Turney, christ look at the size of her!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiddle, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. I take it that the RN BPFA/PFT is a little easier than the army then?
  2. I'd do her.
  3. So would I, but i'd make sure I gave her a good few donkey punches to let her know her social standing.
  4. Wow, let's pick on the fat chick, cool! It's er, like, er, if we pick on her, er we'll be really hard!

    Grow a set of balls you rabbid little turd and think of something more interesting to entertain us, like the lack of you having sex with other people...
  5. It's actually a fair question - does anyone know the answer?
  6. Havent you got any ironing to do?
  7. "She's a big girl, and she's got nice hands - but don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington."

    (Noel Coward - somewhere.)
  8. My well arnt you the knight in shining armour?

    Look is she wants to sell her story and become a z-list celeb then she will have to put up with the abuse that comes with it, i'm sure you wouldnt jump to defend Jade Goody quite so quickley, well in my book she lost all credibility as soon as she gave it big ones on tonight with Sir Trev McD.

    Plus, you cant deny she is rats.
  9. If fat people didnt eat so much they wouldn't have the pi$$ taken out of them. Therefore she has brought it all upon herself for stuffing her fat fingers (armed with food)in her fat mouth.

    I feel sorry for her trainers!

    I suspect the Iranians were whale hunting!

  10. She's not fat just big boned!
  11. nah, she just needs to be 7' 6" tall.
  12. She has loverly skin I want to peel it off her and wear it as a coat make that two coats.
  13. Stop going on about the bloody woman - will someone answer the question? I'm interested, heaven help me....
  14. It rubs the lotion into it's skin or it gets the hose. :wink:
  15. lmao...Put the fcukin lotion in the basket!!!!