Discussion in 'REME' started by Spartacustard, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Going back to Arborfield, anyone want me to tw@t the muppets that work in DEME (A) while im back? If they're in of course.......
  2. you might find them in the Brams.
  3. Ask them what is happening with 5 Bn? Is it still plan 32j or has it changed again?
  4. Nice try spartacustard but Ive noticed that your message started on April fools day. As if you could find anyone working in DEME(A). Good try :lol:
  5. And, who do you think we are?.............

    We're not daft - theres no way on earth you could hit 'em hard enough to smash any sense into 'em anyway..........

    Pah, not born yesterday young fella-me-lad..............
  6. You can give them a two fingered salute from me, for f**king my time in the REME around so much, just hope my new Regt will be better.

    PS. another two finger salute to all the wobbly-heads there
  7. I could have sworn I posted on this thread and now it is gone!!

  8. in the words of shaggy... It wasn't me....
  9. Come on now guys...these are out illustrious leaders ;)
  10. I wouldn't let them run a fookin bath, never mind a Corps!!!!
  11. Give everything and smash 'em 'ard! No seriously, don't know what job you're going to be doing but if it's one that allows a degree of common sense to be injected into the minds of those who've completely lost the plot then make sure you manage that at least. All the best cos once you're in, you're in!!!