favourite vomit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steamywindow, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. I went for a run this morning, and threw up. As the chunks blew, I couldn't help noticing that they tasted pretty good - I'd had whisky porridge for brekky about an hour earlier.

    Are there any other top foods for tasting OK - or even better - second time through?
  2. Worcester sauce is quite popular at the mo :)
  3. it just happened again! Perhaps it's the whisky porridge causing it, if not, what a wasted opportunity to try a new flavour. Mate of mine reckons strawberries are good on the way up, maybe I'll try a shake for brekkie tomorrow.
  4. bad puppy!!!... nahhh banana frijj (or any frijj milkshake to be honest) are about the same consistency and taste on the way back :D
  5. I don't know about tasting good on the way back up - but chips are THE worst, especially through the nose!
  6. Speaking of which... I threw up once... propper projectile vomitus... had a sore nose for about 2 days.. done a big sniff and nearly cholked when this thing hit the back of me throat, when I spat it out and inspected it... it turned out to be a peanut from when I threw up :D
  7. on a similar theme, I dropped the kids off at the pool the other day, and on wiping, found some lumpy bits. On closer inspection I found some complete beansprouts, looking as fresh as if they'd just come from the chiller at Tesco. I hadn't eaten Chinese for 2 days. If only I'd thought to try it (rinsed of course), this thread could have been 'favourite second - use food in general'.
  8. hate to pi55 on your bonfire... you got worms lol

  9. Tuna and mayo, tastes the same and looks the same. Strawberry jam tastes quite nice aswell
  10. I was always told oranges tasted the same both ways and to eat them if I might be seasick or anything.

    Full fried breakfast from the old 14 MU Depot in Carlisle was good. Was bad when it returned during a SAM avoidance training mission in a helo over Spadeadam. I was OIC Little Blue Bags for that trip. Never spilled a drop tho!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My favourite vomit was when my cpl Morri the mad dod would chuck his 3D yawn on the second stage of the BFT in Munster. It was always outside the Boneheads gaurd room in Waterloo Barracks and meant that as I skated through it I was less than 500 yards to the finish line and alsways plenty of time in hand.
  12. creme de menthe tastes the same on the way up as on the way down
    and leaves your mouth with clean minty taste :lol:
    Which was good as i was normaly pissed beyond reason when started on strange drinks containg that :lol:
  13. My favourite vomit has to be the one I saw at a christening a while back.

    The infant in question was about 9 weeks old I think. It was tiny and ugly as sin I felt like slapping its parents. I think it may have been a mong. I am still not 100% convinced it was human. It was the relative of friend of mine who had roped me into the whole shermozzle on promise of introducing me to this nice lad he knew. So off I trogged to the the church to mumble words etc and pretend to admire the hideous squalling thing. The mother took it away for a feed and then came back showing it off again. One of the creatures aunts - I think it was an aunt she had a stunning tache though so it may have been a tranny uncle - picked it up and was cooing over it and generally making a complete wally of herself. The kid starting squalling again and the mother said it probably needs burping aunty of course tut tuts that - of course she knew better. She holds up the kid just about face height and gripping it under the arms declares loudly "All schnookums needs is a proper cuddle and someone who knows how to handle babies." Schnookums decides to show aunty just how much it appreciated that sentiment by disgorging what seemed to be several stomachs full of curdled milk all over aunty's hair, face and clothes. Laugh, I almost sh@t myself! The aunty promptly dumped the now happy infant on its mother, abused her for the child vomiting over her and summonsed her husband with a "Here! Now!" and left.

    I think I was the only one openly laughing hysterically as this old biddy galumphed off trailed by her equally nondescript husband. I then almost choked to death laughing as later on the baby caught two more idiots, who picked this puke machine up, coating them with projectile vomit before the party was over. To top it off my mate got lumped with changing the thing's nappy (he was the godfather) and the kid high pressure squitted all over him and his best suit! I refused to let him in my car till he stripped off the offending articles. Luckily it didn't soak through to his shreddies.
  14. in 1985 i was travelling back from ibizia and was pissed at the airport, bearing in mind we had to be out of our hotel at 10am and the coach only picked us up to take us to the airport at 8pm i was obviously a little tipsey by the time i got to the airport.i wolfed down two salami french sticks and fell asleep only to wake up slumped over a table with my current bird and a respectable family smiling at me! i feel sick says i to which the family titter, titter ye not says i!! RALPH :) and i pebble dashed the lot!! nothing to be proud of obviosly but i was just wondering if anyone had a worse puke story.
    watch this space for my worse follow thru story!!
  15. Why is it that whenever ther's a poo, pi$$ and now a puke thread I've got a story to tell!!? Have I wasted my life?

    Anyway, on my 18th birthday in Germany in '84 I remember the lads dragging me into a 'disco' and force feeding me my fave' tipple, Pernod and Coke. I have never ever been unconscious from drink to the point where I can't remember what I did - except this night! One moment I was laying down on a pi$$ wet floor between the toilet and dance floor, looking up at a few Boxhead birds who were looking at me (probably in disgust, well they weren't letching I'm sure). I decided I'd lost the will to live, puked up and fell asleep. The next thing I can remember is 'waking up' by bouncing off people as I bopped away on this tiny dancefloor to some duff Boxhead music! I actually think I trapped later that night but I'm not sure!