Favourite Toasted Sandwich Recipies

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Killaloe, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Whilst doing the grocery shopping we picked up a Toastie maker cheaper than a bottle of wine !!! Have not had a Toastie in about 10yrs !!

    We are going to christen it this evening.

    Has anybody got any decent recipies or fillings or tips and tricks on creating the 'Ultimate' Toastie please ?
  2. Bacon, brie & whole grain mustard or sweet chilli sauce.
  3. You've just made me pang for a Toastie!!!

    The best I ever tasted was in the Sapper Bar at MPA, Falkland Islands back in 92, the barman was doing just cheese and onion toasties until one of the lads asked him to add Mayo in with the cheese and onion, we all asked for the same and it became the King of Toasties, Very Nice Indeed!!!

    Right do I have any Mayo in the fridge....
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mature cheddar and Marmite. Awesome.
  5. Mature chedder and corned beef. The full fat option, but well worth the treat.
  6. Killaloe Bro,

    If ye'd let me know ye were over here for the Leuchars Airshow, in my George Formby Grill, I'd have done the delicacy known as...

    "Four slices of bread, buttered on each face.... and chucked in".

    But. Ye missed it, and ye only have yersel to blame. :D
  7. I've got a 20 year old toastie maker which is still going strong. Great for a quick snack when I'm in a rush.

    Favourites include: plain cheese; cheese and onion; cheese and mushroom; cheese and bacon (grill the bacon first, otherwise it doesn't cook properly) corned beef (with or without mustard) and corned beef and onion (with or without mustard).

    Haven't tried mayo or marmite - must get some on the way home!!
    Incidentally, you can use any hard cheese and Lancashire and Double Gloucester are nice if you want an alternative to Cheddar.
  8. Quick question chaps if you were to do Mushrooms in a Toastie do you have to cook them first or can you put raw sliced Mushies in a Toastie ?
  9. Cheddar cheeese and tabasco takes some beating.
  10. I've done both. Left-over grilled mushrooms and left-over raw mushrooms that I forgot to put in a salad. :oops:
  11. Are those George Foreman grills worth the money? Or just hyped? Guess you could make chicken kebabs and the like on them. Using a cast iron griddle at the moment, and it's a bugger to get clean.
  12. Well we have one in the house, one in the caravan and one in the boat so pretty well converted. The big trick though is to make sure you buy at a discount as they tend to be a bit over priced at list price.
  13. Buy one.

    They take the idea from Restaurant Kitchens, gas fuelled monsters called Salamanders....

    In the catering industry you can buy "Buffalo" contact grills like Foreman's one but for very frequent use.
  14. Some great additions for toasties from Branston Mayo with a twist Lime & Chilli, Lemon & Roast Garlic, Sweet Chilli and Mustard & Onion.I've only tried the last two there good.
  15. Good quality tuna, onion mayo