Favourite thrapping location?

Is there anywhere special you like to get your little one out to see the sunlight?

Or perhaps a favourite place?

Best ever place? Danger w@nk?

Oh and ladies, you can add your *ahem* "infinite wisdom" as to where you like to flick the bean
Early 80's on Soltau Training Area - Remember the cans of Harp with the chicks on the side of them :D :D handy cos you could strain your fat in the empty can 8)
right here and right nooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

thats better..


South Sangar - Ballykinler - knowing that the blokes are freezing their bollocks off on the range and Im thrapping to my hearts content
Re: Favourite thrapping location?

Into your mum and dads open mouth / bottom


in the guardroom with a very nice lady i was fcuked the day after when she asked me to wake her up an did her again.
good girl.
would love to see her again.
In the shower overlooking the playground.

No wait....My mistake, that was Crabby.
Off the top of the tower on Point 309 - onto the Relay wagons below.
Athletics track, Thiepval. Into the mouth of a certain dark-haired good looking RMP chick. :D
Oh...and the toilets in Keady PSNI station :D
North sanger Thiepval Bks, twice in 2 hours. A girl could get pregnant just leaning on the walls. Also mates mum's door step when I was about 14, just sitting there 'shuffling away' as the sun went down. I fancied her like feck'. Also inside of me kecks when off stag in BAOR mid 80s. Also in the next bed to Troopy on adv trg a few years ago, I hope he really was asleep cos' I desperately needed to crack one out. In the bath as a 14/15 year old just before I got out and Mum had a quick bath using my water - I wondered if she'd get preggers due to my floating sploff. Also before joining up I was a traineee plumber, at a house in the portable outside toilet, I was in there for about 40 minutes - boss added the time to the call out charge. There must be more - yep, I was a tosser alright.

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