Favourite song for CFts/ forced marches?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oldcolt, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. A lot of guys I know (including me), sing, hum or talk to themselves to pass the boredom of CFT's forced marches etc. What's your favourite marching song/ motivation / way of passing the time on marches etc.?
  2. 'Kin hell oldcolt you've got CFTs on the brain!!

    I dont think Ive ever had a favourite CFT song, however I allways seemed to have some shoite song stuck in my head whenever tabbing, that I couldn't blank out no matter how hard I tried.
  3. My motivation was a Gingsters cornish pasty and a pint of Coke in the NAAFI soon as possible after the march / cft.
  4. PML! :lol: It was somone elses comment on my CFT thread that set me off on this one. Passes some time on yet another quietish day in the office :roll:
  5. You had the energy to hum songs?????
  6. 'Keep up at the back', followed by 'get that cnut in the jack wagon'
  7. I always thought 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' from the Peer Gynt suite by Edvard Grieg produced some interesting marching. :wink:
  8. A GINSTERS PASTY.......................

    .......MOTIVATION??????????????????????? :omfg:

    I take it the DS threaten you with it rather than you looking forward to it... (although that sort of 'encouragement' has been banned now I am led to believe) :lol:
  9. Yeah you wanna try "Theres no limit" by Hollands 2 Unlimited
  10. I always thought they were quite nice meself..
  11. As a young teenager, I watched the TV series 'The Para's' avidly and I often whistle the theme tune from that show

    I think it was that show, the Iranian Embassy seige and the Falklands kicking off all within a year or two of each other that almost certainly kicked me off into wanting to join up at some point.
  12. Each to their own I suppose; but you can't beat a REAL pasty (ideally home made) but at the very least, not a mass produced meat pie in a pasty shape :wink: