Favourite SLR sounds

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. click

  2. drrrr

  3. clunk

  4. schluuurg, click

  5. schluuurg, CLUNK

  6. click, click, click

  7. click, BANG, click

  8. click, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, click

  9. click, click

  10. You missed mine. I'll tell you below.

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  1. The SLR produced evocative and distinctive sounds, but which was your favourite?

    Mine was the simple "click, click, click" very fast.
  2. So, another thread on this.........you've got dementia you old twat ;)

    Off to that lovely clinic in Switzerland for you.
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  3. It awakened memories.
  4. How? Are you playing with one in your room? SLR, that is.
  5. Did you shit yourself again?
  6. The schlick-slap of the working parts as they're pulled to the rear and released. None of that forward-assist pish needed, either.
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  7. So, who voted for fitting the magazine? ("clunk" in the poll)
  8. The FN, a man's weapon, if you ran out of ammo, you could always beat just bout anything to death with it.
  9. The "bang, wheeeeee, thud" as your BFA flies off or the "ping fizz" as you open a bottle with cocking handle.

    I'm watching the Libyan rebels with FNs on the news now. Proper war porn
  10. You cant beat the good old left hand thawck on the wooden furniture as you presented arms?
  11. That made me spew beer out my nose, I recall a young admin Lt. saying with all seriousness during a base defence exercise, "Where is your BFA? What if this was the real thing?"
    I'm still not certain if he was just winding us up or not.
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  12. "Company will fix bayonets"..............."fix"......" bayonets......"shun! followed by that lovely clanking sounds of a SLR bayonet landing on the tarmac parade square. Happy days.
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  13. Bloody useless things BFAs, the bulbous ones you screwed on or the smaller clip on ones were equally useless.

    And always some optimistic JNCO insisting you leave your gas on 5 or 6 and then your having to go straight to the second IA and turn it to 0 when it failed to work after one shot.
  14. Ignore me.
  15. 0? Bloody hell that was only for rifle grenades wasn't it? When I went through recruit training (back when dinosaurs walked the earth) God (or at least the platoon Sgt) told us to set them at 4 for parades, and otherwise at the setting that was worked out during firing in on the 25 yard range. Mine, through pure luck was functional at 4.