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Favourite SLR sound

The delicate click from releasing the trigger on the follow through, after some good grouping from that shoulder cannon, and the shhhtttt shhhttt sound of cocking the monster
The cracking sound it made when the DS went arrse over tit and dropped it down the stairs, breaking the stock and handguard in the process. "That'll teach you to scuff my floor up with your fcuking ammo boots" I thought to myself, as I moved outside to form up for a POP rehearsal.


Better than the sling on an SA80, I suspect. Although I've never fired an SLR. The SA80 sling is worse to handle than the gusset on a Thai ladyboy, and I've never fired one of them either.
The joy at seeing the DS faces when its not fitted properly. clatter on the floor......oh susat......is it broke.... kicking ensues!!
Not my favourite, but I have vivid memories of being awakened from a dream, about somewhere warm and sunny, by the dull thud of an SLR being dropped.

It was a bit of a shock to wake up and find that it was me that had dropped it and I was actually on a recce patrol somewhere wet and windy in Wales; I'd fallen asleep while standing up. Rude awakenings don't come much ruder.


The sound of the rear sight piercing the skin and knocking the bone on your cheek at JLR cos no butt-fitting was carried out

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