Favourite Parts of the job anyone?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jordan1234, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    I have thought about plenty of jobs in the army and CS Op is at the top of my list. But i was wondering what people's favourite parts of the job is. I just am not sure what it completely contains to the fullest after trying to look all around the internet and on this site for hours on end, so i thought bringing up this topic might help me. Also, I have looked into electronic warfare systems op so if anyone see's this who's currently working in that field it would be appreicated if they commented.

  2. Good opportunity for one of you still-in-green guys to plug me back in
    Trades when aaah wurr'aa lad would have been:


    Radio Relay Tech
    Terminal Eqpt Tech
    Radio Tech (extra term at Harrogate but with a white stripe instead of a Mars bar)

    They were putting those pygmy telegraph poles up towards the end of my apprenticeship, presumably to negate any tendencies for it to rain telemechs when they got to the top and forgot to stop climbing.

    No idea how many of them still exist and I've go no idea what a CS Op is; Communications System Op at a guess but what does he do? What part of the system? All of it?

    If the thread's aimed at anyone who served anytime then RTg - best of both worlds without the nasty tic that Spec Ops seemed to develop shortly before they were sectioned. Definitely RTg if you could get involved in HF, Satcom, Tropscat ie anything that wasn't VHF Command nets (zzzzzz).

    So what actual trades do you have now?