Favourite foreign nationality

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Yanks

  2. Frogs

  3. Germans

  4. Irish

  5. Dutch

  6. Canadians

  7. Ruskies

  8. Japs

  9. Chinese

  10. Aussies/Kiwis

  1. Whats your favourite nationality (other than us Brits ofcourse!)? ie. the people from that country, not the country itself. Tell us what ya like about them and all that and why their better than the others. Oh, and I havent put an "other" option, so choose your favourite from the list! :evil:
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Canadians. Our poor colonial brothers. In the snow, next to America, amongst the French. One could imagine them bailing but no, they're still there and loving every second.

    And I loved the fact that when I went to montreal for my 18th Birthday, I could drink in one pub, but not the one across the bridge 30m away! Crazy place
  3. WHERE'S THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES! They have the best looking women in the world and you've missed them out! Why, are you gay?
  4. Just a thought, after discussing this thread with the Tankie (who is clearly a practicing Spamophile)...it's a little sad that the Germans score a mere 1, considering how many squaddies are married to Deutsche madelen! :D
  5. Living over here in the colonies , i have to say the Canadians,easy place to live they are so laid back they are almost horizontal,plus the women are hot,thats why i married missus arty.
  6. I'd have to say Norwegian women for being absolutely stunning...

    Of course, cough cough, the Irish are the best at everything....
  7. Alright Tojo, who feckin voted for those vicious, soulless Nipponese buggers? Never mind their atrocious behaviour in the war, but their national pastime is paedophilia!
  8. I may be biassed but the Canadians. I moved here in 97, to the French bit (Quebec). Just outside Montreal, got the burbs but 20 mins away is the city, with the bright lights and the night life similar to the states, but polite.

    The french are great, never had a language problem. Im a jock (tough sh1t to the jockophobes), still have a strong accent, so whenever I talk in french, the french in turn speak english or find some one who does. Winters might be cold, but the summers are in the high 20s or low 30s. Plus I took up ice hockey..... well-ard!!!!
  9. With whale blubber based lubricants too, the cnuts!
  10. Fcukin'-A. Rugby on skates with projectiles and handheld weapons. Who wouldn't be up for that?

    I took it up as an adult (like yourself) and "My First Hockey Shiner" is still one of my favorite Kodak moments.

  11. Brilliant.

    The question is though did you play whilst drunk? I figured out after about 20 games that I was better off with about 8 beers in me.
  12. Heh. The pre-game recipe is as follows:

    - 4 beers maximum if you're a 5'5 female, 8 if you're you.

    - 2-4 Ibuprofen (again, adjust for weight and stature)

    - One iPod session of motivational tunes for your trip to the rink and pre-game stretches....my personal favorite involved System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine, sprinkled with a dose of Earth, Wind and Fire.

    Definitely, if you think you're going to get hurt anyway, you might as well have a couple before. It improves your shooting, takes the edge off and makes you cheerful when someone runs you against the boards, as opposed to instantly vengeful.

    The Tankie took it up for a while in Canada, but sadly never quite got the finer points of the game. If the missus is a Canuck, I assume she can wield a stick with diligence as well? And doesn't b!tch about the smell of drying pads on the radiator. :D
  13. Who the fcuk voted for the Japs.

    Psychotic cnuts.

    As an aside, its got to be the Dutch, purely for Amsterdam.
  14. Ruskies are sound people!
  15. I did. I love the little nippers...