Favourite Films

So come on then, what are everyone's favourite films? Mine have to be Fifth Element, Shawshank Redemption, will update this when I can think of others.
Forgot about Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects on my list. I'v got way too many films at home, so I keep forgetting which my favourites are, :?
1. Ronin

2. Leon

3. The Quiet Man (John Wayne & Victor McLaglen)

4. John Wayne Westerns with Victor McLaglen again (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache etc)

Battle of Britain

The Sting (Robert Redford & Paul Newman swindle Robert Shaw)

With an also-ran of Black Hawk Down, simply for the joy of watching the Septics getting slotted! :lol:
Animal farm, the 1st one.
Debbie does dallas.

Oh sorry films not porn...................

The GodFather
Love, Honour and obey
City of Angels
Dog Soldiers
When we were soldiers
Raising helen
Death watch
The layer cake
Lock, Stock
Hunt For Red October
Black Hawk Down

How long have we got cus my list is massive!!!!
As long a list as you want Anya. And I did say this thread was for ALL films, so feel free to throw in the occasional porn film if you want.
Debbie does Dallas is the stereo type for early porn! Bad music, terrible facial hair and all the girls had faces like a pan of smashed crabs! Jenna anyday!

What about:-
Lawrence of Arabia
Bridge Too Far
Dr Strangelove
Blade Runner
Roughly translated,

"Sometimes I get this urge to conquer large parts of Europe"

To quote another top film - "The benefits of a classical education" :D

Anya, I'm not saying I don't like the old ones (that type of lass seems to be the only thing I ever get) but at least the newer types don't make me want to vomit as they get covered in manfat!

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