Favourite Film or TV Copper

Self and Sis were just talking baout this, so I thought I'd start the topic.

We agreed on DI Burnside - Proper Copper you slag.
Ironside. he had a bird and black bloke do the leg work and he rolled down the ramp of his pope mobile with his pistol out and stole the glory. I believe he wrote the Royal Signals guide on how to get ahead.


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Cant remember his name but was in the film 51st state >Most dodgy, corrupt, funny cop i have seen in years.
Anyone know who he is let me know.
The best has to be DI Burnside from the bill, a quality copper, pity there are not more like him
"Now look you muppett , You know you done it, I know you done it, you know I know you done it, you're going dahhhhnnn you slaaaaag"

Proper proper copper.
Not technically a copper but I always liked John Cleese playing a Roman gaurd in The life of Brian:
'You are fahking nicked, me old beauty!'
Morse - a real ale man and a jag driver

as a thought with morse being in oxford and the fictional mid somer being just outside of oxford why are the house prices still so high,there shouldnt be any one left to live in them

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