Favourite cartoons

Having a drunken chat with friends the other day, we got on to subject of programmes we watched as kids.
Tales of transformers, MASK visionaries and superted ensued.

So I wondered (because im bored), what did you the ARRSE community watch?
Did you get home in time to watch Dogtanian and the three muskahounds,
Dangermouse, or even Button Moon.
Dangermouse of course!

It was brilliant - particularly since wherever you are posted, you always encounter at least one person nicknamed Penfold.

Now I have kids, I would like to say that their cartoons are not as good as they were in the old days, but Spogebob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents are bloody brilliant.
Johnny Bravo
Any Foghorn Leghorn
Road Runner - it never fails to make me laugh my head off.
Family Guy,Futurama and of course the Simpsons have got to be in the list.
For me its the loudmouth chicken Foghorn Leghorn, going to get the video I have put on dvd as it is played so much,a classic cartoon.
Go, ah said go away boy, you bother me :D
Original Scooby Doo , before they fcuked with it.
Tom 'n' Jerry
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
The Simpsons
Tom 'n' Jerry
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
The Simpsons
According to the torygraph today they are having to re-cartoon(sic)- my mistake - the tom & Jerry cartoons so that they remove any reference to smoking! This, apart from the fact that the whole series deals with utter violence and eventually everyone always ends up hunky-dory. Even that daft coyote in roadrunner always comes back after outrageous blowings-up falling off cliffs etc. etc!
The Simpsons
Dr. Katz
South Park
and yes, from my youth, Robotech (I confess!)
Not the best, perhaps
but still an important part of my childhood

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