Favourite Breakfast?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. I spotted this on the Beeb's website in an article about Guinees World Records:

    Breakfast it the best meal of the day as far as I'm concerned. I love corned beef hash and eggs; steak and eggs; dim sum; eggs; bacon and bubble; Eggs Benedict and, of course, the 'Full Monty' or full English.

    Dinah's Diner in Covent Garden (is it still there?) used to do a wonderful eggs; bacon and bubble. Simpsons on the Strand for their '10 Deadly sins', or the Cock in Smithfield for a Smithfield Breakfast with a pint of Guinness.

    What's your favourite (and nul point for saying a fanny-batter sandwich or similar)?
  2. I had a "Full Irish" yesterday in the Irish bar at Schiphol airport. It was OK but the lava bread was a bit like a soggy nan bread. The best full Irish I have had this year was in the Green Vespa bar, Phnom Penh. Breakfast in Peru was interesting and quite good, two days ago I had roast pork ribs on a bed of rice. Quite tasty, but not as good for a hangover as bacon and eggs.
  3. Most cafe stylee breakfasts that are deemed bad for your health these days.
  4. Three (3) replies, and no-one has mentioned...

  5. Bacon and mushroom buttie!! Yummy

  6. Boil in the bag sausage and beans.

    Sitting in the woods holding the burning hot bag with a gloved left hand while digging in with a brown plastic MRE spoon and occasionally dripping bean juice down your rank slide. Can’t beat it.
  7. Real breakfast - unsmoked back bacon, field mushhrooms freshly proffed and scrambly eggs.

    Fantasy breakfast - rump steak an inch thick, four poached eggs and ranch style potatoes with a bottle of chilli sauce on the side...how would I like my steak? Crispy on the fat, dark on the outside and red as a freshly raped nun's chuff in the middle please.
  8. Pancakes with butter and sugar.

  9. Spam fritters beans n egg black pud
  10. How long does it take to dig in with a plastic MRE spoon?

    I tend to go local wherever I am. Fave at the moment (Spain) is toast with olive oil and tomato. In Germany, you can beat fresh brochen with anything. Belize was a Belikan beer and Constitution (cheap local fags).
  11. Hot Rowies.
  12. A cup of tea and a fag. He has to make the tea just right though, otherwise I'll spank him again.
  13. That is Aberdonian soul food!
  14. Bauernfrühstück on top of a fresh hangover.
  15. Japanese Breakfast for me!

    Maguro don - Bowl of sticky rice with Tuna slices on top and lashings of soy and Wasabi!

    Not sure it will taste any where near as good as it did when I was in Tokyo and your in the market square.