Favourite bit of kit?



I'm actually quite attached to my combat jacket. Loads of pockets to put all that unwanted crap in.
Hi-Tech Magnums, even if they do need re-soleing

US Army Alice Patrol rucksack which I use for training, and as soon as I've DPM'med it, I'll use as my 351 sack. Really excellent piece of kit.

Leatherman...  ;D



Given the choice between VC10/Tristar  or C130, you'll catch me in the back of the C130 every time, up in the tail in my hammock pushing out the zzzzzds.

(And if you're really lucky the loadie will bring you your scoff ....sheer unadulterated loooxury!)
It was my Leatherman PST II until some swine nicked it enroute to Johannesburg....

Still, courtesy of HMG I managed to get a replacement 'Wave' for a very nice price in Thumrait PX ;D
Hi-tec Magnums with the zip instead of laces with thick socks mmm bliss.  Goretex over jacket and leggings with a US cold weather parka underneath....keeps me warm out on a cold wet runway!


any bloke would be a bonus at the moment.

Actually, I'm lying, I am quite particular and don't entertain lard arses, blokes who love themselves (I guess that's most of the male population out then), gingwars!, or really short men (Or shorter than me anyway).

So if you're tall, dark, handsome with a nicely toned body, get in touch (but knowing my luck, you're probably gay!)

Oh fcuk it!! Just give me a big willy!!


sorry - too old for one of those.

OMG - did I just admit that???? ???
1. Helmet visor.  Great for catching phlegm/small pieces of pavement/bits of firework etc etc....
2.  Buffalo jacket.  toasty warm and relatively windproof
3.  Gi-normous thermal mug.  There's ALWAYS time for tea!!
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I've just found this..........purlease tell me this is not on the guys' agendas for us to have done on their birthdays!! Have any of you had it done?!

Favourite bit of kit....mmmmm.....my smile.....

Oh alright then, my internet cable..

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