Favourite bird

I am a fond admirer of the gregarious and chattering sparrow, and the wagtail has a certain dash. Swifts and swallows are a joy to behold, when carrying out aerobatics and the magpie has a cunning gleam in its eye.

But my favourite bird has to be the jackdaw, for intelligence and cockiness.
I used to know someone who got bitten by a swan. I've held them in far higher esteem ever since - they showed impeccable taste.
As for favourite bird - has to be skylarks. You rarely see them, but they sound great.
Bird :


Perigrin falcon - fastest bird in the world and eats pigeons - fcuckin' brilliant!!


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The Greater Breasted Bed Thasher gets my vote
Big fan of Crows/Rooks etc..

I agree about the Skylarks though, i remember watching them on Salisbury plain one summer, lovely..
My favourite bird is the Beebs,

She tastes nice and buys me presents.

She also knows my feelings on magpies.


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I didn't know it was unlucky to eat a magpie.

magpie with golden brown flakey crust is best

Methinks they modernised Sesame Street a little too much...
Sesame street. Subversive mind control of the younger generations

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