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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst I know that Guinness is indeed the first food group, from time to time I enjoy sampling the odd beer from around the world an, indeed, from around the UK.

    As a youth, I sampled the joys of Tennants Lager, Newcastle Brown Ale, McEwans, Red Stripe, Wife Beater, and Dortmunder Union Bier.

    Since then, I've enjoyed Toohey's, Tsing Tao, Cobra, Kingfisher, Leffe Brun, most of the brews from Shepherd Neame (Whitstable Bay Organic is particularly fine), Bombardier Brewery (Banana Bread Beer - it's like drinking a banana sandich made with brown sugar, on brown bread), and Badger Brewery (Golden Glory is fantastic with hints of melon and peach), to name but several.

    Guinness aside, I'd be hard pressed to name a favourite. But it's probably Golden Glory.

    What's your favurite? and why?
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  2. Yeah, I'd agree with most of that, except Cobra, too gassy, and Shepherd Neame, too 'alive' and makes me fart like a bovine.

    My list would include, Aventinus, Schlenkerla Rauchbier (a bacon sandwich in liquid form!) and Hercule stout from Belgium. Black as pitch, smooth and malty and 9% ABV. Also very fond of Bellevue and Lieffmans Kriek and Framboise beers, either bottled or draught. red stripe used to do Crucial Brew, a high strength version, that was delicious, and also a Scottish liquorice stout called Traquair, that I havent seen for years.

    Larger branches of sainsbury's are currently selling some english stout called 'Engine oil' that is 10 or 11 percent are quite bitter/chocolaty/malty. Also they have Rogue Breweries Russian Imperial Stout at 11%, awesome.

    Great British Beer festival 2-6 August at Kensington Olympia!
  3. Theakstons Old Peculier - takes me back to summer weekends spent in pubs in the villages around Dishforth.
    Blacksheep Golden Fleece, always in the house for when I return from 3 dry weeks on the rig. I've almost managed to replicate it with the home brew gear.
    One that I can no longer drink is McEwans Export - too many flashbacks to my youthful days in the Province.
  4. On the "beers from around the world" theme, I hear Baltika's very good - I've not had the pleasure of sampling it yet, though (closest I've been to a place that sold it was a beer tent in Trafalgar Square, with a baying mob blocking my way in... bugger that)
  5. Black Sheep or Beamish , on the fizzy piss side of the tracks Warsteiner
  6. I trust you tried this Badger Brew actually in the brewery? Any Badger beer is lovely in the brewary, but as soon as its loaded onto a truck and driven over the river Stour, it turns into satans love p1ss.

    There used to be a beer in Sontoffen called Hirsche (sp) Gold, for a German pills it resembled Carling Premier. Absolutely lovely, only sold in bottles as i remember.

  7. Newcastle Brewery used to do something called "Lcl pils"

    Only seen it for sale in the shop on Emmerdale farm strangly enough
  8. Youngs Double Chocolate Stout. makes vomit tastey on the way back...failing that KWAK Belgian stuff....loverly, served in an interesting glass too...(Ex Orient Expressers will know.....)

    Otherwise, Wifebeater, Carlsberg Export or Wifebeater (did I mention Wifebeater?)

  9. Blacksheep's 'Riggwelter' is worth a shot, too.
  10. Old speckled hen is a fine drop but Bombardier from the bottle would have to be my fav.
  11. Wytchwood Hobgoblin.

    BTW Badger Golden Glory nearly made me hurl when I tried it, beer that smells of peaches just shouldn't be allowed.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I used to work in a restaurant as a kid that had Bitburger Pils on draught - a quite ridiculously strong German lager (about 10-12%) that was a bit like Spesh but with the training wheels taken off. even our alcoholic 2nd chef had to drown it in lime to get it down. I once put away about 12 pints playing drinking games one night, and lost the power of speech and movement. I was still paraletic when I turned up for my shift the night after. happy days.
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  13. Joseph Holts a fine manchester brew along with J W Lees. Black Sheep from North Yorkshire is a cracker. Schultheiss from Berlin was a great introduction to drinking for a young 17 year old...
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  14. Tiger beer. Chinese but try it with an open mind. A very good lager in my opinion.

    Anyone tried banana flavoured beer?
  15. Warsteiner