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ive done a fair bit of travelling around, wheres your favourite boozer in the world, any stories about mucky women and people crapping in pint glasses etc more than welcome, i liked the pigs bar in herford and stickies in bulford, come on pull up a barrel and tell us a story!
Seekers in Herford was a complete dump - but guaranteed dirty women and all night drinking.

Theres a bar in Miri in Sarawak called the Ranch i think - bit of a frontier bar and was absolutely brilliant, tho the chicks had to be vetted for an adams apple 8O
Another fine hole of ill repute was Cafe Wichtig in Herford, also known as Cafe Victims. It was second only to LAs or the Toff Pub where we (4 Div) used to go and beat up 7 Sigs or 13/12 Lancers if there were no local women to try and chat up.
SnarleyGrippler said:
Another fine hole of ill repute was Cafe Wichtig in Herford, also known as Cafe For Homos. It was second only to LAs or the Toff Pub where we (Signals faggots) used to go and beat our meat or rim men's arses if there were no local women to try and beat up.
Bloody hell mate. Least your honest!
Pop's and Eddy's - opposite each other near JHQ - now closed, but used to be classic places. 29 Coy WRAC used to grope each other in the disco - most entertaining!
29 Coy WRAC.......now there was a fine body of men. They had barbed wire around their accommodation block. I never knew why until I seen some of them early in the morning after they'd had a fight.
Only a scaly could get crapping into pint glasses into a topic about women. If it's the former you're after then the Trafalgar, the Royal Exchange (aka the ratpit) and "5's - The Airborne Inn" in Aldershot would have supplied your scatological viewing delights. No doubt one of our stillborne brethren can enlighten us as to which pubs in Colchester are best avoided by homo sapiens.
Ahh, the wit of the airborne! Since this topic is appearing on a Signals forum, doorbundle my dear friend, you must be one of two things...

A poor scaly with wings, one of the many who aspire to be like the Parachute Regiment, but who are doomed to remain "hats with wings". If you ain't Para Regt, you're still a hat.


A member of the Parachute Regiment lost (perhaps the RAF dropped you onto the wrong forum by mistake) or seeking to lower your standards by hanging round with the Scalys.
Even if I was a scaly I wouldn't admit it! Anyway, hows your lass? Still throwing it round like a two bit crack whore?
Backdoor Bungle or whatever your name is, I suspect that the closest that you have came to a Hercules or Dakota was when you failed P Coy or didn't you even get past pre-para?

Ever drunk in the George or Fives? I think not, perhaps there is a Walter Mitty website somewhere that might benefit more from your erudite comments and witty patronage.
Anybody remember "Rosy" from the pub outside 22 Sigs?. Ours, not 27'ns.

You could get drunk, then ask her to go home, "PAY" for the taxi . Then she was yours for the night.Bend her over and toast her with a hot fork - or , well whatever.

Sad thing was she loved little animals so , as I was told . Her house was full of animal shit. Had to watch your step on the way out.

Or the bird with the wooden leg? - her party trick was to stick a dart in the "false" leg. Great until a drunken "Jack Pick" stabbed her in the real leg.
ha ha ! fantastic! i like that!
Going back to herford, i had forgotten about cafe wichtigs, first time i visited the place it had windows on the front, the next time i came back they had both been bricked up! but they said it was all part of the makeover. I suppose the christmas tree lights plastered onto the wall were also part of this, who was that old woman who charged us 50 pfegs for a p1ss? did anyone rattle her? ,as for seekers, andreas the barman did make a wicked squaddie cocktail what the hell was in it? whatever it was it caused me to religiously go and shoplift from the aral garage next door! mmm microwave meals and kinder eggs!
whilst in herford there was a story of a chap from 2 squadron whose party piece was to sh1t in as many places as he could get away with, in the bar, on the gym mats,even in the sparkasse! his pranks finally ended when he was awoken by the monkeys on a saturday morning and ordered to clean up the log he had drunkenly dumped on the church steps near camp. Still half cut he denied the accusation and said it wasnt him and that there was no proof he actually did it. one of the police then pointed out that the vicar had found his i.d card that morning laid neatly next to the jobby. the only explanation for it was that it must have "fallen out of the offenders back pocket during defacation"!
I feel that this thread is not maximising itself and needs to be moved closer to its target audience....
whats the matter bow man? didnt santa have anything in his sack for you?
lighten up!
Wow! daft defecators apart, there're some names from the past there, especially in the Shot. Whatabout the Roundabout, though, and the Globetrotter? I was there when both closed - and opened - and closed - and opened, all to the music of bones being cracked. Probably by the same defacators.
Pops and Eddys was a place to avoid, but the joint at the back of HQ BR Corps was outstanding, even if it was a haunt of the East German Intelligence service.
Re Sarawak, if anyone knows it, in Sangatte, on the East Coast of the island of Borneo (East Kalimantan) there's a floating bint bar the size of Wembley, where any of the girls could walk down a Paris catwalk without shame. Pity the wife wouldn't let me...............
Moving away from the scatological...

The Queen or "Brenda's" about 3 miles south of Bordon. Paddy, the ex-RCT guy that ran it, laid on a minibus from outside the camp gate at SEME. £1 a trip and your first pint free. What a place, I never figured why it closed coz it was always packed. Quiet night was a tuesday so he put strippers on on a tuesday night. What a move that dragged the young scrotes out of the block and down his place to spend.

I picked up several lovely ladies there including Janet (who looked like Eddie Izzard - boy was I drunk!) and the infamous "Judy the Moose". No standards, me!
Best place of the lot was Starlight in Malindi. Sat there drunk one night, nearly asleep, and came wide awake with some tart's lips round my knob. Place opened at 8am and closed at 6am.

The Weinberg in Bergan, at the back of the quarters where the blokes from Hohne was stationed, was a real dive but you could usually find something with a warm crack.

I know the places at Bordon too, but they were quite tame.

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