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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bradshaw, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Would typically start a topic off with my own personal favourite, but due to my last topic ive decided to be somewhat more cautious.
    By the way is there any typically "squaddie" like types of music? Or are the variations in tastes of music the same as anywhere in civvy street?
  2. It’s got to be the Pixies :D

    How many bands can write cool songs about sexual deviancy :twisted:

    Here’s one of my favourite songs

    You just have to love these lyrics

  3. Guns n' Roses


    Thats my two nominations.
  4. Village People
    Elton John

  5. Well now that Elton John has been put down ill be happy to post my favourites.

    The prodigy and Nirvana
  6. Led Zeppelin
  7. Tricky one. My musical taste runs from Amadeus (Mozart) to Zappa (Frank) and includes everything noteworthy in between. But if I really had to choose a favourite, the Stones just about pip Velvet Underground to the post, closely followed by The Who with The Smiths nipping at their heels.
    Yeh I know!, anyone fancy a Horlicks? :)
  8. The Pogues - the soundtrack to a mis-spent, post-punk, 80s childhood.....
  9. wow another pixies fan on arrse although my favourit band at the minute as to be juliette and the lick
  10. Secret Affair excellent 'MOD' band and still going, then Madness, saw them first live in Hannover with the Lambrettas, what a night that was, trying to get back to Wolfenbuttel after :D 8)
  11. Captain Beefheart and 97% of anything played by John Peel 8)
  12. Led Zeppelin.

  13. This topic has been done before and I'll say again what I have said previously - The greatest band of all time is ‘The Wedding Present’. End of chat. No need for further contributions. This thread ends here.

  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My fave band is Pink Floyd by a country mile, but currently the only music I listen to is Captain Lockheed and The Starfighters by Bob Calvert (featuring Lemmy, Vivien Stanshall (sp) and numerous friends). Only about half the tracks are music - the other half are dialog (often funny) satiring the renascent Luftwaffe of the early 60s

    Wierd album. The sounds range from pure hard rock maybe in the style of Motorhead (for obvious reasons) on Aerospaceage Inferno through the sax from Pink Floyd in the 70s, Iommi's guitar with the early Sabbath on certain tracks to Sweep (Sooty's pal) doing backing vocals on The Gremlin Part 2. You can hear Monty Python and Derek and Clive Live in there too.

    Listening to the album, I have heard more snippets from the whole gamut of music than I could shake a stick at.