Favorite xmas songs

Mines gotta be Fairytale of New York! But can anyone shed any light on whats so good about Colwyn Bay??
only the tide visits that hole ,,,,,,
Galway bay is lovely, but it's filled with Taig cunts.Maybe why Shane O'Hooligan likes it so much. Now fuck off
In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry, when that normally airs it means fcuking
Chrissymas is long gone.
I wish someone would release a Chrissymas song entitled :-

"It's 10 o'clock, why don't you lot fcuk off home, you sponging bunch of bwasterds"
Is there a Xmas song titled 'Bah Feckin Humbug' ?

If not why not?
"Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho!" by Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson.
I knew some bugger would bring this up, prepare to be bombarded with the words,
you know how much Ark Angel likes Kevin, that is if the Ark isn't still racking up the
miles in his XF, money grabbin' swine!
Two of my favourites are Christmas Countdown by Frank Kelly (aka Father Jack)

Frank Kelly-Christmas Countdown (12 days to christmas) - YouTube

There is a fine song by a noted Australian musician named Kevin Bloody Wilson:
kevin bloody wilson ho ho f**king ho - YouTube

There is a version where Mr Wilson performs this with his daughter Ms. Jenny Talia but I cannot seem to locate it. I also could not locate Mr Wilson's beloved Christmas classic "I Saw Mummy Fucking Santa Claus" but well worth searching for.

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