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St Andrew's Day seems to be a good day for this discussion!

Scapa is a fine sipping whisky as is Glen Ord.

Lagavulin though is superb for wee dram at the fireside.
Im a fan of:
Ballvenie (sp) - the older the better - nice to contemplate life with.
Glenmorangie - cheaper but nice
Scot - very cheap but is made by Ballvenie and Glenmorangie and tastes ok!

The preference is directly proportional to time since payday!
Was on Ex the other week Cold and p1ssed off in Sennybridge. My porridge wog mucker brought out a hip flask full off Glenlivet (not sure on spelling). Nectar. Thats the one for me!
Highland Park for Malt. Blend has got to be Baillie Nichol Jarvie. Why? Did you say, "Why?"??????????? Good Lord man, try it and see for yourself.
My favourite is Poit Dubh (pronounced "posh goo" meaning the black pot, a reference to illegal stilling). It is the only genuine "Gaelic" whisky and hails from the Western Isles. It comes in a variety of ages and has as its side-kick the amusingly named Tea Bag ("Che Veck" actually), a blended variant. If you've been to Benbecula then you'll understand why!

At home we keep regularly Highland Park (island), Auchentoshan (lowland) and either Glen Goyne or the Singleton (highland). If people really want to get picky, I can usually drum up an Irish malt, two or three Irish blended whiskies and for shooting, because it will probably end up being mixed with Stone's, I keep Grouse.

Scottish Malt Whisky Society? I might be a member...
For sipping and making my wife gag at the smell - Laphroaig

For a session - An Irish called John Powers (pronounced Pars). It's smooth, tasty and, most importantly, cheap as chips!
Don't talk to me about whiskey at the moment.
I'm not functioning at all well because I foolishly drank malt until the early hours on a school night! :( :(
Laphroaig or Talisker if I'm flush. Whatever's cheapest when I'm skint!
Glenmorangie sherry-oaked is great for parties and makes me dance like a golden god.

Balvenie is the route to eternal truth.

Talisker makes everyone my best friend.

I seem to remember drinking something called Makers Mark whilst sat on a large Chaise Longue in Bath once. That was very nice and allows you to converse with the Other Side.
Almost any of the single malts or if broke then Teachers is drinkable.

Worst has to be either Loch Dhu, which is a sort of semi liquid tar in a bottle or SunTory, which is just bleeding awful.
abacus said:
Highland Park for Malt. Blend has got to be Baillie Nichol Jarvie. Why? Did you say, "Why?"??????????? Good Lord man, try it and see for yourself.
Call me a snob (I like the abuse) but I do not get the faintly odd label on BNJ bottles - it reminds me of Doctor-Finlay's-medicinal-snake-juice-cure-all tonic. Urgh.

My bottle of Balvenie is almost empty - but its Christmas soon, so that's ok. My wife has been tempted by the colour of the the lady's Bruichladdie but isn't a fan of the taste of whisy - apparently it looks pretty (pink).

Laughing Frog is my choice for drinking and blathering; Balvenie for quiet, selfish contemplation.
For sunday best its got to be Dimple, A close second by Jameson's and for General getting pi$$ed, dads vist ect its Aldi's own brand. "Glen Ballsac" or something
tescos blended - its cheap - cheerful - gets u pished and after a few glasses (well mixed with coke or lemonade) the taste doesnt matter - what more could you want
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