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Fru t bun and his donut dollys,


Felix and His Amazing Underpants.

He saved the day on more than one occasion with those awesome shreddies.
Sid the Sexist - Oot on the tap (pt I) - YouTube

Sid The Sexist really does exist. In the East End of Newcastle is a place called Walker. I took some photos for you all today. The first is the site of the houses on the clip at 0.17. The houses havd since been demolished, but you can still see the gas tower in the background.


The second is of the pub over the road, The County, where Sid meets up with his mates before going down the Toon. This is at 0.46



I recall the Skeggies, a pikey ish family whose dad was employed by BR!
Yep, They did a cut out and keep apology in the next issue.

If there anyone who hasn't tried one of sid the sexist chat up lines at least once?
A Geordie mate went up to a woman in a bar in the infamous Electric Avenue in Calgary and said " Heeya pet , ya divnna sweat mooch forra fat lass " .
She asked me to translate , which I did , and I was the one who got the slap !
"Piss up a rope Fuckstick."

Pointless insults are always good.

Either that or Ratboy.
Mummy: "What would you like for xmas dear"

Rude Kid: "Twat on a brick" (giving it the fingers)


What about Buster Gonad and his Unfeasibly large testicles!



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Parky the parkeeper, especially when he is decapatating someone for walking on the grass. Cant forget farmer giles, skinheed, terry fuckwit and gilbert ratchet.

But since he was introduced 8 ace is right at the top alongside parkie

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I so wish I'd seen this:

D.C. Thompson The Humourless Scottish Git – created in retaliation after D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd threatened legal action over a variety of Viz spoofs based on characters from The Beano and The Dandy, including Biffa Bacon, Black Bag, "Roger the Lodger", "****** Watson", "******** Kate" and many more. The title character was portrayed as a miserly Scotsman who goes about looking for breaches of copyright he can report, such as threatening to sue a woman who calls her son Dennis a "menace" in his earshot, and demanding that a pet shop owner removes an advertisement for "Three Bears for the Price of One" from the shop window. Not to be outdone, The Dandy responded by resurrecting an old strip The Jocks and the Geordies—representing the Scottish-based DC Thomson and Newcastle upon Tyne-based Viz. In the strip, the rival gangs of schoolboys are asked to produce a comic. The Jocks comic is the best, of course, but the underhand Geordies decide to copy them. Viz responded in kind by parodying Korky the Cat as "Korky the Twat" in the next issue.

Still reading List of Viz comic strips - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Now that's funny!

I do stuff like that with my materiel. It's full of in jokes, private digs and army humour.
In the loft I have a cardboard box full of old Viz Annuals and Comics , including some of the very early editions , and my favourite character(s) are the Fat Slags ... two nice . refined , shy and retiring girls who I feel sure would behave impeccably if ever invited to a Mess function .
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