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Who is your favorite Viz character(s)?

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Besides a liking for hardcore pornography,a taste for fortified wine and a pasion for stealth wanking,the Viz Comic was a constant companion throughout my army career. Admittidly Viz started to get less funny about 1991/92 but it still is the most funniest reads around,far superior than most of the s hite that the young lads like to read these days such as Nuts and Zoo.
I even made a pilgrimage to The Famous Rupali Tandoori Restaurant,Bigg Market,Newcastle recently hoping to meet Abdul Latif,The Lord Of Harpole.Unfortuanatly he died in January,but I did manage to meet one of his lads though.
Anyway,Who is your favorite Viz character?
Milli Tant and the Modern Parents.

Class. :D
Its Big Vern for me you slaaaggg !! they'll never take him alive ( due to his penchant for shotgun assisted suicides) he's a cockney geezer of the old school you mug !! best of the bunch with his sheepskin coat on he's a diamond.
blocksweat said:
Funny how Cockney w@nker bore a striking resemblance to Mike Read
So true with his big glasses on, he did always remind me of Mr Read ell spotted
What about 'Black Bag'? Great stories about the adventures of a bin liner.
Contrarian said:
What about the Thieving Gypsy bastards? I believe this strip was only in Viz once, shelved in response to complaints of racism and hatred.
Yep, They did a cut out and keep apology in the next issue.

If there anyone who hasn't tried one of sid the sexist chat up lines at least once?
Mrs Brady, mad old lady and Biffa Bacon. Class :lol:
Lad in my intake at Harrogate was named Spoilt B4stard for his uncanny resemblance to this chappy...

He wore contacts in later life, which sort of spoilt (get it :D ) the effect.
Not forgetting "Top Tips"

Keep a tin of red paint in your car.If you see a motor accident you can then pour it over yourself and pretend to be involved.

Roger Irrelevant

"wibble wibble I'm a teapot..."
Good call on 8 Ace - used to love it to death when he p1ssed all over the sofa & his missus made him live in the shed!
But how about (back to the early early days of Viz).......
Paul Whicker the Tall Vicar - he knew a good putdown
SWANT - Team America in comicstrip format!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :safe: :safe: :safe: :1: :1: :1:
I had a free sticker in viz and I put in the back of my car.

It said

"I am speeding because I am touching cloth"

It was fecking genius, I also know I got a few laughs from drivers who were behind me....including the federali's

Back on thread - Roger mellie was the man and the Video was hilarious with the legendary Peter cook.
Roger's profanisaurus is a work of genius.

Do I win five pounds?
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