Favorite Simpsons character outside the family.

Who is your favorite Simpson character outside the Simpson family?

  • Krusty The Clown

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  • Barney Gumble

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  • Millhouse

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  • Moe

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  • Grounds Keeper Willie

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  • Ralph Wiggum

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  • Chief Wiggum

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It's Saturday,I'm at work with far too much time on my hands.
Who is your favorite Simpsons character outside the Simpson family?
Fat Tony

McVitie, I would be very careful. I read in the news this week that a guy had been convicted of possessing child pornography because he had a jpg of some cartoon characters (Simpsons I think) in various obscene poses. His defence was that it was fictional but he still got done. It was in a non-UK country (one of the Scandinavian countries I think) but it shows how the bounds of criminality is shifting.

Favourite is Doctor Frink.
Mrs Krabapple
If you like the Simpsons, do yourself a favour and head for the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, Orlando - we used to love the "Back to the Future" ride in LA when we lived out there and this is orders of magnitude better! We had priority passes and looped around to ride this three times in succession. Excellent!
Ralph Wiggum! You have to love the guy. The "Terry F uckwit" of Springfield.
Agree with Ralph Wiggum.

"My cats breath tastes of catfood."

Mo Sizelak.
Without doubt - has to be Groundskeeper Willie - his "Cheese eating surrender monkeys" comment when describing the French - class. :D

Nerd mode on, think the New Yorker or one of the US Newspapers used "Surrender Monkey" before TELIC kicked off, as our beret wearing friends declined to join the party.
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