favorite online store for kit

Hey people

Ive gotta invest in a variety of kit from gloves to knives, webbing and day sacks....

Was just wondering what sites people use to buy kit?

kit Monster wont f@ck your about and dosn't sell shite one of the best shops out there for kit
and here Tactical Kit for some of you more different kit
QM Stores??
I get all my SAS/PARA/RM kit from ebay!!

Cadet Direct. Thats what its for anyway isn't it? Unless you're kitting out the Libyan Connection
the p+p can be extortionet from the states though
Not as bad as you might think.
An awful lot of UK suppliers just change the dollar sign to a pound. Lots of great value. Price up one or two bits then compare the crazy prices over here.


Kit Reviewer
Simple answer is there is no one stop shop for kit. I was after a 200rd Minimi pouch in Multicam. Only two places seemed to do it that I could find, one was in the UK and charged like a wounded bull, the other was in the States. I went with the states one…
Ghost Army Tactical LLC - Home

Great set of guys, really helpful and when I messed them around a bit on postage (was going to get it sent to a Yank friend who was coming over, then decided I wanted it posting to the UK) they were very helpful. I’ve also used the following over the years…

USMC Bokker rescue knife and the odd bits

Flecktarn.co.uk Boring, but bought some German army twisters and a pouch.

RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment Very quick delivery, very helpful.

trojan tactical Zap patches. Take a bit of time but that’s because they are always custom.

Cadet Direct - The Leading Supplier of the UK Cadet Forces DPM Boot bag to stgop the bulling getting destroyed on my parade boots and the odd bit of very basic field kit.

Home - Military Surplus | Outdoor Kit | Adventure Kit TRF’s and a Model Kit. Nice guy, very helpful

Dragon Supplies Lovely patrol yoke. Do some other stuff I like

OPSGEAR.com - Tactical Gear, Military Gear, Police Gear for Every Operation Mag Couplers and the like. Reasonably quick

kit Monster A lot of stuff, the guy is PWRR ex Reg

qmstores2011 | eBay UK 2 items of Blackhawk kit. Got the knee pads in a week, the Personal Retention lanyard however - Still waiting for that over 1 year later, no money back. Emails saying they will ask Blackhawk, never hear anything without chasing it.

Wish there was one place, would have saved a fortune in postage, as other than RV Ops and Contact left there seems no flexibility if the items you buy are tiny. Different suppliers have different deals with different manufacturers.

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