Favorite Hangover Cures After a Heavy Night in the Mess!

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by uncle_vanya, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. What was your favorite 'Cure All' for those 'bleeping, pounding, gawd-awful hangovers after a heavy night in the NAAFI, the Mess or a 'run ashore' outside barrack gates?

    I can remember some of the Old Timers in the unit had their own 'Cure All' for the next morning, ranging from the traditional greasy breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried bread and gallons of Cookhouse tea or coffee with lashings of sugar and milk...... ... all followed on with a good clear out down the Bog (both ends..!! about an hour later (2 fingers down the throat to puke everything up). Gawd, the smell in the ablutions block was incredible (& the state of the floors, Bog seats and walls)

    Then there were the self-medicated 'cures' from a local pharmacy - half a tin of 'Andrews' Liver salts, and grand heave-ho puke session first thing after falling out of the old pit!!

    Other 'Cure Alls' were also no doubt used, including going for a run before breakfast to clear the head followed by fifty press ups. If that didn't cause either the 'World to fall Out of the Bottom', or a 'Puke Fest' then over to the Cookhouse for breakfast... Yuck!

    One long service Corporal I knew - his 'cure all' was a pint glass, 4 raw eggs, salt, pepper a dash of Lea & Perrins sauce, then a dash of vodka, and all wizzed up together, then downed in one...... Yuck, and double-Yuck!

    Another one, not a cure all, was to drink a couple mugs full of water before falling into said pit to try and avoid dehydration during the night.... problem was it usually meant travelling in the night to the urinals for a clear out.... but occasionally one was far to pished... and the nearest locker or pair of boots DMS were just as 'useful'...
    'little accidents' occurred....

    One 'Cure All' I was introduced to was 'Underberg', a disgusting concoction of herbs in alcohol brewed by some monks in a monatry far, far away. I noticed that most bars in Germany had these little bottles, and was used as a 'Cure All' even by Germans. Funnily enough 'Underberg' did work after a couple of these small bottles - but the secret of 'Underburg' was in reality it was the 'Hair of the dog', another drink to make the hangover go away.

    Hmm, strange...since I packed up drinking many years ago... (a day at a time).... I've never had a hangover...... and the old liver is fine......

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  2. This was done only last week oh portly ancient one.
  3. Told this one many moons ago, and surprisingly it works. Drink flat full bore coke. You get the fluids you need, its full of sugar, and loads of potassium. Lack of fluids/sugars/potassium is what makes a hangover - mind you the lard intake and a good crap does help as well.
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  4. Plenty of fresh orange juice.
  5. Slices of fresh cheddar cheese, laid out on a salty Ritz cracker, accompanied by a couple of ripe, dark red vine-ripened tomatoes. The tomatoes are eaten like an apple, in the hand, and each bite should be drizzled with salt & ground black pepper.

    The liquids and vitamin C from the tomato sort the old mouth out, whilst the biscuit soaks up any undigested booze in the gut. The cheese provides the fats and energy to make it to the bog intact, and the salt helps restore electolyte levels in the body and raise your blood pressure so you don't collapse like a big girl.

    Repeat until feeling better (punctuated with several sweaty dumps, to taste).

  6. This has all the answers...

  7. Bed and a large portion of self pity
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I found the Mess hangovers to be the worst kind - given the amount of port intake.

    For the longest time I couldn't work out why some mornings after I felt fine, and others had my head banging. Until one night there were a number of bottles left after dinner that my equally pikey mate of mine and I decided to smash between us to save us a few quid at the bar.

    Mother of God - did I suffer.

    And out of pure stupidity - after a separate night of G&Ts and Guinness and waking up feeling fine - decided to have another night on just port to see if it really was this drink that was responsible for the banging head.

    Only this time it seemed I recovered quicker due to several pints of water, 3 lots of Ibuprofen taken at 4 hour intervals - and four slices of malted bread, sandwiching bacon, black pudding and brown sauce in them - washed down with several cups of sweet tea.

    Still felt a bit delicate right up to the following night - but overall I faired a lot better than my first 'port-only' hangover - which lasted almost two full days.
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  9. 1. bacon and egg roll + coffee + aspirin (only if HO is a really massive)
    2. Buttermilk is good for HO as well (not the original, I do not like its taste: i prefer one mixed with fruits)
  10. IV line and oxygen, anti nausea drugs, paracetamol and fizzy vitamin C tablets.

    No recollection of how I know this to work.
  11. Warm Tizer and cheap fudge. If it's really bad a pint of Alka-Seltzer and Berocca in iced water.
  12. Used this as well, only I used to dissolve 2 beechams powders into the coke which had caffeine in them also - had me bouncing around the LAD section room like an unwinding golf ball in a fish tank....
  13. 1500mg of the co-codamols i got of my gran, felt pretty awesome 45minutes later.
  14. A Tardis and an emergency membership of The London Temperence society.

    On the subject of pre-emptive actions I try to get an espresso martini down at some stage of the evening as the cocaine-like buzz will continue on into the morning and help ward off the adverse effects of the rest of the booze.
  15. This topic turns up in a new thread at regular intervals, but hey ho.

    Two Alka-Seltzer in a large glass of water before bed and two in the morning. Prophylactic action that never seems to fail in my case.