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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by DieHard, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Britains first lady showing who is the boss, also an excellent record to play at your neighbours.
    This is gonna be my next tattoo

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  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    "Death before dishonour."

    That's original, never seen anyone with that tat before.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

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  4. I know it's wrong, like wanting to back-skuttle a dwarf or a paraplegic, but I'm just being honest. It may also be an age thing.

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  5. And of course the best iron maiden one ever.
    mind you there are so many Eddie images and artwork its hard to decide

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  6. When did the Maiden release their album The Trooper?
    If you just mean record cover then Women in Uniform has to be up there for the same reason as your first post. womeninuniform.jpg
    oh yeah, the exploited are shit!
  7. These are truly hilarious I even remember some especially the Kevin Roland one, top notch bud
  8. Your right I should of said the single of the trooper, mind you from the earlier albums I think the somewhere in time album cover was good too.
    Thanks for pointing out my blunder I shall now go sit in the corner and eat worms while listening to englebert humperdink backwards
  9. I've had that album for years. It's a classic. Wattie Buchan, the Exploited singer is ex-Royal Scots, and ripped the piss out of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands when the **** cashed his chips in, back when I first saw em at Birmingham Cedar Club in May 1981.
  10. I knew he was Scottish but didn't know he was in the green, if I remember right there was some misled fool praising tinrib bobby sands on here a few years ago cos gaddafi named a street after him in Libya. obviously he didn't last long here and was last seen decorating his room in shite and refusing food from his mummy
  11. I'll forgive you if you can name the album women in uniform was taken from?
  12. A very vocal supporter of the Army too, but the exploited are still shite!
  13. The Wasp cover is awesome (not an album, but still awesome), there is so much hidden subtelty in that song.
    I got pictures of naked ladies lying on ma bed....
    ...I **** like a beast!

    I have the 12" picture disc with a different cover:


    I think it might have been banned for some reason!

    And if you look you can see the album 'Inside the Electric Circus' on the floor, very Bertholt Brecht!
  14. Judging by the early artwork and the lack of an axe in his hand, would it be the 2nd. album Killers?
    Or have I made a twat of myself again?
  15. Bloody hell that takes me back.. Edwards No8, The Filibuster, Locarno. I dropped by the Costermongers back home last month - it's gone!