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favorite accronim (sp)

damned_colonial said:
On RAF Stations they have a 'PEDO'...Physical Education and Development Officer.
Ive seen that in a few RAF camps, whilst all other spaces are full that one always seems to be empty..... Im sure thy should add the and in there to complete the title :wink:
My son lived in Montreal for a few years and I always got a laugh at the police cars.
The Police were known as Policier Surete Communite Urbaine Montreal.

The police cars were all marked PSCUM which always sounded like something you would clean up around a toilet.

Recently Montreal expanded its area and the name and acronym changed.


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The Royal Hong Kong Police was going to have 3 area complaints units until someone (presumably a Brit) realised that 'Complaints Unit New Territories' might produce an accurate acronym it was unlikely to be popular with its members.

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