Fave Page 3 Ever

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. I had a thing about Rachel Garley and Donna Ewin

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  2. is there not enough threads about women on it? if al you want to do is post pictures i dont think this is the place for you.
  3. Censorship. Fcuk off and read a different thread then
  4. Personally I was always a fan of the way in which the model seeemed so well informed of events unfolding within the world and always had an opinion on a topical subject.
  5. Doesn't having a P3 fave involve financially supporting The SCUM Chip Wrapper? Tisk tisk.

    Staaken fcuks off and reads a different thread......
  6. This thread could be dangerous for my heart, but at least Guru, your self-portrait is better than the bubblegum-tit thing.
  7. I was politely requested via PM to change it due to "view at work" issues. I of course complied to this polite request. The replacement is none other than Mark Oliver Everett, tunesmith extaordinaire
  8. Rachael Garley and Donna Ewing visited us in Bos in 1994, absolutely cracking.
  9. Is he in that band called The Eels.....??
  10. Looks like one of the mad mullahs - 'cept for the tie
  11. So why have you just put a post with loads of tits on it....??

    Ha Ha
  12. Racheal Garley, now that is a case of 'Nothing but the best is good enough' she was is and always will be the 100% all time great.
  13. Page 3 eh.

    Just to let you know - my ex wifes cousin was Gaynor Goodman.

  14. ...For me it has to be Joanne Guest..Perfect Breasts....Mmmmmm :thumright: