Fav food

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Carb laden Death

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  2. Deep fried delight

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  3. Mamby pamby houtie toutie nouvelle cuisine

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  4. Nowt. I'm on the Karen Carpenter diet

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  1. Ah food...I love it me. So much so I have created what to me is the ultimate in acute myocardial infarction inducing death burger.

    1 x Bap Floured
    4 x 7oz burgers
    8 x Bacon, Smoked
    16 x slices of Pudding, Black
    8 x Slices Cheese possessed
    8 x Rib steaks, processed
    A lot of mustard

    Arrange in cob thus : Burger - 2 x cheese slice - mustard - 2 x bacon - 2 x Ribsteak - 4 x black pudding. Continue until you've run out of stuff, and jobs a good 'un.

    Now I've shared my completely pointless food desires what's yours?
  2. Your mums anus..........again.
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  3. You'll be needing a diet coke to wash that down with of course.
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  4. I like Steak lots of steak swimming in cream and white wine with Tarrogan and dijon mustard.
  5. We've talked about this...
  6. Malted Grain toast, liberal application of butter, even more liberal application of Marmite (food of the gods), evenly apply one mashed banana and top with another slice of Malted Grain toast. Consume vast quantities of the aforementioned with the occasional punctuation of Crispy Duck Pancakes until giant food baby forms and doors need to be widened for the purposes of entering and exiting the house...
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  7. You did all the talking, I had my mouth full.
  8. Mixed chicken/lamb shish kebab with garlic mayo from the Packway in Larkhill, large chips to bloat out the gut and a full fat pepsi to wash it down. Best money spent that din't involve sex, but I have my worries why that fucking turk keeps winking when he says, "You want 'sauce'?"...
  9. If you tasted garlic mayo, I beat you to it, again...
  10. Rib eye steak, rare, with plenty of colemans english mustard. Served with new potatoes and peas with lots of melted butter and mushrooms fired in garlic butter. Followed by Eton Mess and washed down with a good red wine.

    After a heavy night you can't beat an Ulster Fry washed down with a pint of tea.
  11. A mouth full of anus.....................................................lush
  12. Fried bread (19 rounds), fried eggs (1 per slice of fried bread). 1.5 lbs of fried bacon, 19 sausages (fried), 1 x large tub of Nutella chocolate spread.

    Take all of above and liquidise with 3 pints of bitter and drink.

    Repeat for every meal for the rest of your life.

    The above recipe was taken from the "TA Fitness Regime Bible".
  13. Oh dear lord....I have things to DO! Don't start me!!!!
  14. Lol