Fav bar booze......


What IS the best drink in the Fatherland, or does it all just seem better over there?!
Gold Top Wobbly

Or the lunatic-behaviour inducing Korn

Long before Gay coloured alcopops became popular, the Boxies were making pretty coloured Trinken that were fcuking outrageous.......

I remember my introduction at the Piano Bar in Gutersloh. Jesus. Not an awful lot remembered after that, except winding up in the Krankenhaus at 3 in the morning, tired and emotional :(


marvel house!

into wobbly myself, brought a few cases back with me

last time we were out on the p*ss in MGladbach, ended up in a bar being given free Schnapps, Baileys cocktails (not big OR clever!), Tequila and something i cant even describe....woke up in the most bizarre B & B, and then had to make it to Rheindalen, then back to Javelin.

One of THOSE days!


And Apple korn, thats just your mates drinking cider and p*ssing in a bottle isn't it...........???!
I prefer my booze sipped from the hairy cup or the bearded beaker ;D
Got absolutely Bogging in another job a long time ago, that meant I had to be at the first Schonefeld Airshow in Berlin.

Got slaughtered in this guesthouse on Gold Top, with about a dozen Pilots and groundies. Woke up in the middle of the night, with an insane urge to vomit, and did a perfect projectile parabola on the wall opposite, then fell into a coma. Woke up the following morning, surveyed the damage and thought  .....Oh feck.

Went to see the Haus Frau, and said "Sorry, I had an accident in my room, I was sick"

Oh dear, how much Sir?

About  Fiftig DM worth -lol

Staggered into the airshow, willing the good lord to take my miserable life, finally had to give one of the Pilots a 10 DM bung, to use his oxygen kit .Cleared it up tremendously :)
Has to be Bucholtz AKA Wooden Tongue - cheap as chips from the Aldi, can only be drunk whilst it is very very cold otherwise it is foul.......and after two you have a wooden tongue - you feel fine and know just what you are going to say and out comes "Yeb I'xxe doing to de Scnebby" a quick shake of the head and you can once again annouce to all that you will indeed be going to the schnelly!!!
Great drop
Other than that it has to be ......Becks ---nah fcuk off  
I vote for Wobbly  ;D ;D ;D ;D

If you are talking deutche bundes booze then it has to be wobblemeister. If you are talking beer from around the world then it's Gambrinus, the pride of Czech.
I still view the wobbly with caution though, the last time I was on the meister, I was pulled out of skip by the Feds as I had been reported as a dead body by the bin men that found me.
Quote copper "Excuse me sir, we have had reports of a dead body in this skip"
Quote me "Well it's not me mate"
Needless to say the policeman evicted me from my make shift burrow amongst the decaying food matter. Only to discover that I had triple crowned. I had sh*tty hand streaks on my shirt so it looked like I had been attacked by a dung covered freddy kruger.
Ah the pride of the corps!!!
<<<<<Paralysed with mirth

Top Post Rigger, that's one for the Line Book :)


the old gold cap, still brings back nightmartes...
a word of warning, do not trust your mates or german self-locking garages.. went for pi** in garage, mates closed door,  - 32 hrs locked in said garage got out on sunday morning.. then to cap it all got mega earache from my ex, and 5 extras for not turning up for duty nco on time, and it was november!!


Forgot - 6.95dm from local inhabitants house garage for full crate (including 3dm deposit for bottles) never knew what the brew was (lived in Sennelager then mid 80's). But was drinkable after opening bottle and allowing all the toxic gases to escape first
Apple Korn is fine - easy to drink - a bit like I now see all those younguns going to Ibiza and downing shot after shot of various spirits.....

But why does plain old Korn have such a strong effect?
You can buy a German canned lager in my local Lidl for 26p a can.  Quite strong stuff as well, but an acquired taste, but at that price, hey, who cares !!
Nobody admit to drinking Johanneshoffer (sp?)? Frozen syrup of the Gods.

The "Night Bar" in the O Mess Keller used to have a shelf of Gold Top that would stare back threateningly. Worst thing I ever did was sign out the key and challenge my compadres to empty the crate. No bugger signed their chitties so I ended up with a v v expensive round on my tab and the world's worst hangover. My ringpiece was in overdrive with the black-squits the following morning as well.

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