Faulty pen drive data recovery

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by beemer007, May 15, 2010.

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  1. As the title states, I've a cruzer 8GB that requires a 'recommended' data recovery firm to access the details as it's not being accepted by the PC long enough to:

    1, scan from apprpriate software
    2, retrieve & transfer to another source

    I know there's firms such as abc recovery for online quotes but I'm seeking a recommended source if anyone has used etc


    (it's mainly PP, word doc's & PDF files)
  2. Do you know what you have done with it or what exactly is the error message (if any) saying? Assuming you haven't snapped the end off, which I guess not as you say you plugged it in, you may be able to recover it yourself.

    Give PC Inspector a try, it is free so no harm in trying!

    Edit to add:
    Not Vista compatible (should work on Windows 7 in XP emulator mode)
  3. Go to my computer and right click properties on the USB G: in my case, you may find utilitys on the stick itself. on my 8Gb after checking properties it gives me

    General Autoplay Tools Hardware Sharing

    autoplay will choose which files to autoplay on plug in, maybe try changing it

    Tools allows Error checking, defragmentation and back up utility

    Hardware allows you to check hd/cd,dvd/USB drives with a troubleshooter utility
  4. The pen drive is still complete & suspect a faulty chip,

    This may not make sense but here goes anyway:

    when inserted it does'nt automatically get identified by 'my computer' at all unless it's moved/adjusted with & then flashes up & disappears so any software I do attempt to use with it is unable to pick it up to scan?
  5. Sounds more like a simple connection problem than anything else.

    There may be something (dust, crumbs etc) in the plug/socket stopping it from going into the usb enough for the contacts to make properly, check if thats clear.

    Try putting it into a different usb port, if that doesnt work but it still picks up when moved then just move it until it picks it up and then with some sticky tape (from top of the pen, to the case edge) hold it in place, tensioned so the contacts make.

    Next time, back yer porn up on two sticks :lol:
  6. The pen has been tested on 3 seperate PC's inc a laptop and all the usb ports & no joy so hardly a simple connection problem
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It sounds more like a loose connection inside the device. How old is it, and how vital is the data on it?