Faulty Boilers in SFA - MOD needs help with data!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Ned_Seagoon, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. I noted from the Westminster forum that SoS Def was having some difficulty in gathering data to answer Nick Harvey’s written Parliamentary Question about the time taken to resolve boiler problems in SFA. Perhaps we could help him with some evidence.

    Quote: Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many reports of boilers and heating systems breaking down in living accommodation for armed forces personnel there were in each of the last three years; and what the (a) average and (b) longest time taken to replace the boiler was in that period. [103745]

    Derek Twigg: Information for the years prior to the Housing Prime Contract going live is not held centrally or in a consistent form. It will take a little time to ascertain if a reply can be given without disproportionate cost. I will therefore write to the hon. .Member once this has been established, together with the figures since the implementation of the Housing Prime Contract. Quote ends.

    For my part, I am on week 2 of waiting for my reported fault to be inspected let alone fixed.
  2. I was away on exercise for three weeks last March (remember the one when it snowed!!!) and my boiler went. Wife could not get hold of me, and when she phoned MHS, they told her that she was "not a priority as she did not have children".

    Subsequent to her complaints, they gave her a space heater and told her to use the immersion heater for hot water. I took up the battle upon my return, and after missed appointments, mis-diagnosis, claims of the job being closed, or just no record of there being a problem, my boiler was finally fixed.

    152 days later.

    My written complaints and demands for compensation were met with the following:

    "we have reviewed your complaint and feel that there is no valid claim for compensation. Thank you for taking the time to write to us."

    No apology, no "we are investigating why you had no hot water for nearly FIVE MONTHS". Incredible. If you are taking this further and would like the details of my specific case, PM me and I will gladly provide!
  3. Shocking, have you written to the DE Assistant Director HPC at RAF Brampton ?
  4. I finally got my boiler fixed 3 weeks ago after 4 months of screw ups and was happy to finally have a warm house, but it has not lasted the fuck1ng thing has packed in again this weekend. looking forward to using electric heaters and the immersion heater for hot water - another cheap electricity bill to look forward to.

    MHS what a pile of sh1te.
  5. There are people at RAF Brampton who need letter written to them as does Admiral Dunt who does not seem to care at the moment.

    We had the Director of Housing in our office recently and he did not bother to meet any of his staff, tosser.
  6. After the annual gas inspection my fire was condemned, along with the back boiler so no hot water. I believed "them" when they said 3-4 days for the replacement.
    This was way back in April...the new boiler was fitted in June (at the loss of the airing cupboard)...and the fire is still to be fitted.....the cardboard feature I've been left with is a talking point!
  7. The number of boilers in quarters that have broken down in the last year is shocking but what is worse is 1. How long they've taken to be mended (as the families above say) 2. How few have been replaced - the replacement programme on Salisbury Plain had to be stopped as it was so disasterous 3. That there's no coherent plan to sort the problem out. Many Army families have had to live without hot water or heating yet still have to pay their quarter charge, still have to manage with their partner deployed, still have to 'get on with it'! Until the MOD and Government accept that there needs to be some serious investment in Service Families Accommodation there will still be many of us putting up with archaic, inadequate and inefficient housing. If you want your voice to be heard contact the Army Families Federation (us@aff.org.uk) who have already helped many families and who will speak up for you.
  8. Reported a boiler fault in our SFA last week. The boiler man arrived within 10 minutes and made good the ignition problem by the end of the morning.


    We're in Germany. MHS are not part of the equation. The German boiler we have fitted is the size of a small car and could probably service an entire street!