fault report sent to board

hi, i am a corporal, my platoon comd has been away the whole reporting year and i have been best among others according to my platoon sgt who is been with platoon throughout the year. but platoon comd sends his order of merit without consulting platoon sgt, having not seen any of his corporls performance, just on the basis of favourism.
Now OC knows but doest want to talk further as internal board for the unit is already done and doesnt want to show his weakness to CO.
in this case who will be my next chain to report and do i need any evidence as such if i want to go further to complain?
thank you


Sounds like you have not got through to your platoon come. If this is the case ask to see the CSM with your pl set present and put your case forward with him. I suggest you make notes on good points that may have been overlooked. Equally 'think defence' on those things that didn't go so well - none of us are perfect.
Have a set of questions to ask as well on what are the career implications if nothing is likely to change regarding the board. Stay calm!


You have made a number of statements of fact - best in Pl, Pl Comd not consulted Sgt, OC not willing to discuss as he doesn't want to show weakness. Who gave you these facts? Can you prove them? You won't be the first to have been told a lie rather than have someone admit to your face that they didn't grade you well because you just weren't as good as you thought you were.

You would do well to ensure that you have given your Pl Comd and OC every chance to put their case to you before you go outside of your immediate chain of command. However, if you are still unhappy you could have a chat with the CSM as previously suggested, or perhaps better yet your RCMO. He/she may be in a better position to tell you how things have actually gone so far, and what impact, if any, an appeal or complaint would make.

Ultimately, it is your career and you need to take responsibility for it. However, you must always temper that with a reality check and an understanding of how things work in the bigger picture. Be wary of winning this particular battle but ultimately losing the career war.

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