Fatwa for Galloway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Well, it appears that even his favourite people are making religious judgments against him now:


    The Q&A section on that website contains some fairly scary stuff, including a section entitled "Western women - thousands of years on and still oppressed"... apparently not allowing women to work in a mixed environment is not oppression... :roll: it also explains why it is not permitted to vote, but it is permitted to receive welfare because all wealth belongs to Allah anyway...
  2. kick out any dissenting anti British Muslims ...........simple

    and that goes for ANY people of other ethnic origins that spits on this country.

  3. Has anyone told Al Jazeera?
  4. absolutely agree, but could you define dissent?
    personnally I think Blair the most anti-British inhabitant of the UK, but expressing that opinion makes me a dissenter does'nt it?
    How do we decide?
  5. Why don't these muslim morons issue a fatwa against Bliar. By so blatantly doing whatever he could to get the muslim vote, he must clearly have been inciting people to go against the word of allah, mustn't he. Do they think the corrupt muslims who cheated over postal voting were heroes, or is that sort of criminal activity ok?

    Is it against the sanctity of allah to make huge donations to political parties in exchange for peerages? How do these fundamentalist cretins view people like Sir Iqbal Sacronie, head of the Muslim Council (was he voted into that position, incidentally, or did allah miracle him to it?), who pontificates on the islamic view of homosexuality but whose nose is halfway up Bliar's rectum?
  7. Apparently George Galloway has a low-intellect says that link? I do not like George Galloway but he is not unintelligent (although his priorities are tragically skewed); I believe low-intellect would be demonstrated by, lets say, writing sermons in the style of "rain man"...

    Sadly, the religion is so ancient and simply written that they are able to interpret it in anyway that takes their fancy...
  8. It seems that this Allah has something to do with South-West Trains. So if he's able to work miracles, how come they never run on time?

  9. Because they transport infidels, of course! Once everybody has converted (or "reverted" as they like to say) to Islam, all the trains will run on time!
  10. Dissent in that , they are attempting to destroy our laws, forcibly converting people to muslim religion, failing to observe and respect this country and contribute to it, instead sponging off it and biting the hand that feed them, desiring "Jihad" , threatening to kill "Kaffirs" non muslims in thi scountry, WE who have given them shelter from extreme muslim govt sharia laws etc
    you get the picture.................