Fatwa against Suicide bombers on Tuesday

This news item was in the Evening Standard on Friday:

Dr Ul-Qadri appears to know his theological stuff, and has an interesting slant on the sectarian roots of trouble:

As Dr ul-Qadri sees it, no terrorists have emerged from a Sunni or Sufi background: instead, they have come from the Salafis (Wahhabis) or Deobandis. The Deobandis are a South Asian variant which is close to the Gulf-orientated Wahhabis.

“Every Salafi and Deobandi is not a terrorist but I have no hesitation in saying that everyone is a well-wisher of terrorists and this has not been appreciated by the Western governments,” he said.
Dr ul-Qadri, who has the authority of a Sheikh–ul-Islam, a title given to those who have superior knowledge of the principles of the faith, is coming out with his statement now because the Wahhabis and Deobandis have been silent in condemning the killings in Pakistan and abroad."

Now, I seem to recall that there have been a fair number of Shia Hezbollah terrorists, Sunni insurgents and so on, but he probably has a point about the Wahhabist/Salafist roots to a lot of the trouble.

I don't expect to see much reduction in violence, but a heavyweight theological opinion running counter to the less informed, self readicalising trend should be welcomed.

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