fatty Somes and fatty Gilligan at Miss Miggins pie shop

fatty Somes and fatty Gilligan must have been for a slap up meal at Miss Miggins pie shop and talked about this subject
Mr Nicholas Soames (Mid Sussex): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what representations the Adjutant General has made to him on (a) the funding of and (b) the number of instructors available in the army training camps.
Mr Nicholas Soames (Mid Sussex): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, if he will make a statement on the financial position of the Army Training and Recruitment Agency.

Im sure Ingram gets grilled on the same subject by Gilligan tonight on Channel 4:twisted:
Hmmm having just watched the programme, I see the relevance of that post.... pretty good crystal ball you got there...
Gilligan's "programme" was nothing more than a rehash cut and paste job of stuff already known and investigated many times. Nothing new. Maybe some mileage to be got from the underfunding.
pretty good crystal ball you got there
No just deduction my dear watson. :)
ATRA Under-funding was mentioned in the Standard in relation to the program but only about two words and not so specific. Ingram looked very uncomfortable. :twisted: was that after Gilligen showed him the doc from the Adjutant Generals AGMB??? :wink:
Ingram reputedly threw a wobbler part-way through his interview and filming had to be stopped for half an hour to allow him to calm down. I'm told the minutes from the AG's meeting were the cause of his sudden blood-pressure rise. Almost amounted to a stroke of genius. 8)
Gilligans program did raise a few good points concerning instructor - recruit ratios and the funding of ATRA but wasted alot of time on that bloody police document and on Skinner. The supposedly 'leaked' document is a collection of stories that are either under investigation already or are annecdotal, yet it's still being pushed as 'evidence'. We're all now aware of Skinner and, thankfully he's finally behind bars.
[quote="galgenberg Just wishful thinking :lol:[/quote]

Too right, Galgers. Dear Santa......... :wink:

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