Fatty on a Horse

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 29072010, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Thought this was Funny, someone had a pop at the fat bird and now all the fat equestrians are kicking off.

    Fatty on a horse
  2. I don't have a face book account matey. Can you get it on board without the link to face book?. I have been a horseman for many years and I would like to see it.
  3. Which of the 4 are you?
  4. Behold a Rider on a Pale Horse, and his name was Death, and all Hell followed with Him.
  5. There you go.

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  6. The alcoholic one.

  7. Don't tempt fate DB. We just may be due a visit from one or more of them. :wink:
  8. How the hell did she get on it?.

    The fatties have no arguement here, if she was on a strong Section 'D' Cob it would struggle.
  9. And no doubt the '8' would be buried in it's quarters.
  10. Its flippin wrong, I too am a horsey person and I know that a horse should not carry more than 20% of its body weight on its back, Christ she is at least 50%!
  11. Unlike yourself who is currently on a strong diesel and should be sectioned.
  12. The horse is on the bottom, right?
  13. Hmmm, this seems vaguely familiar somehow.......