Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fones_4_Me, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Yes they are pointless

  2. No Fat People have feelings too you know!

  1. Ok... its "Sports Afternoon" My fizz is done and now I have a spare 10 minutes before commencing work!

    I have just called a certain department to get an an urgent question answered, howeverthe fat person I need to speak to in order to get my question answered is on a sports afternoon...

    Now what bothers me is the fact that the "fat shite" in question can't turn upto PT because "it" is way too busy. However finds the time to go play eating games in whatever establishment will feed it!

    I have racked my brains for Pro's and Con's for Fat people in the Army, I have tried to be fair and therefore have given 5 of each...the outcome.....


    1) They eat more rations... (Costs Money)
    2) They need bigger uniform (Costs Money)
    3) They are normally on remedial PT, which in turn means that exercise machines are used more... (Costs Money)
    4) Their knees can't hold their weight which inevitably means they will go sick, requiring a sick chit (Costs Money)
    5) They use more bog roll to wipe their big fat hoops after having a dump. (Costs Money)


    1) You can take the pi$$ out of them.
    2) You know there will always be someone behind you on PT.
    3) They make your dress and appearance look alot better if stood next to them.
    4) Their top lip sweats, which is quite amusing.
    5) Fat birds put out alot more.

    Is it just me being fatist (spelling?) Or do people of the chubby variety annoy any other arrsers out there?
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  3. What's fat these days???

    The boss, who's about 5ft 7 and weighs 12 stone was told he was obese!
  4. Fat people make me sick! However they do make me look good on occasions so I say 'let them stay'.
  5. Billy Bunter was fat and Whacko had a huge moustache.
  6. As a member of the "He's never going to win Miss Ethiopia" club, I think we should all get off our fat arses, put down the fork, get down the gym (after taking away all the mirrors) and sort our lives out.

    I've been doing this for the past 2 months, and after cutting down to 2 lunches a scoff hour I managed to loose 4 grams of weight (However, that might of been when I got my greasy hair cut).

    Fat people like me disgust myself.

    [edited for spelling, as my podgy fingers sometimes hit the keys around where I'm trying to type]
  7. my bold

    Disgust- as you were so helpful to me :)
  8. I don't think you can be called fattest, this chap who has ticked you off is obviously fatter and may be fattest too.
  9. Seen, and changed just before you kindly helped me out Lady_H(Plus all the other mistakes). Many Thanks.

    This proves that fat people (If you call can call us people) need the help of all you normals, another waste of manpower.

    It's the cull for me.
  10. They should pay more tax's.
    Charged more on flights.
    Should be charged more in restaurants.
    As for fat soldiers, well the two just don’t mix.
  11. Fat people are disgusting, sweaty, rancid, pie-scoffing cnuts and should all be gassed.
  12. That's nothing - I'm 5'6" and 14 stone and I'm apparently obese. That's a load of shite! Surely it should be Very Obese bordering on fat kunt!

    Must waddle off now - pies for breakfast! :hungry: :donut:

  14. Cuddles, dear boy!

    And how did you fare at the Guineas Meeting? 8)

    Re "fat-ist" (cf sexist, racist, age-ist etc) and fat-ism, I am against it.

    Look at the late Queen Salote of Tonga, for example. Who rode in an open landau at the Coronation, despite pi55ing rain, so people could see her.

    Noel Coward to London Clubman : "And who is that?"
    Clubman : "That is Queen Salote of Tonga, Noel."
    NC : "But who is that diminutive little man looking after her? Her lunch, perhaps? "

    Boom, boom! Oldies are best . . . . . :D

    Now for Chester Races . . . . .
  15. edited as bratwurst fingers strike again
    and on the fatty thread of all the bad timing :x :wink: