Fatties on Benefit for 18yrs.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Family that could do with the odd gastric band or 4!

    I have arthritis, I have a problem with my legs, I'm a full time carer':
    Defiance of jobless father whose family have claimed £342,000 in benefits over the last 18 years.
    Obese family of four once weighed a combined 83 STONE!!
    Family were dubbed 'the telly tubbies' by neighbours in Blackburn.
    Recruitment consultant insists Mr Chawner is able to work but family claim around £17,000 a year in benefits!

    More @ Defiance of jobless father whose family have claimed £342,000 in benefits over the last 18 years | Mail Online
  2. Take them all out to an Army baracks and give them 4 weeks continuous beasting around the drill square and and assault courses. Mr and Mrs Fatty and sons and daughters will soon get down to normal weights.......

    Just another example of the Hands Out Freebie loving dole scrounging tw*ts in society today. The more these people are outed for fraudulent and criminal dole fraud. Out all of them, and confiscate any over the top belongings.
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  3. I'm trying to work out how many Syrian 'Freedom Fighters' they could feed.
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  4. They'd have to be Halal........
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  5. Show a bit of compassion here guys... how are the fat fucking doley scrounging cunts going to even feed themselves on a measly £17k a year in "the world owes us a living" benefits.

    Maccy D isn't a cheap option these days when you have to overfeed a family of workshy porkers like that lot.

    And you know that you would.
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  6. 4 x 7.62. Job jobbed.
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  7. Pay them benefits to sit around getting fat enough to cause health issues, which in turn cost the tax payer even more. You couldn't make it up could you?
  8. Oh yes, and when confronted, it's not their fault, it's everyone else's!

  9. Aye but,half the cunts wouldn't understand English.
  10. Why be all shouty and nasty, it might hurt their delicate ears when a flame thrower would do the job just as well !
  11. Now I may be new here, but I'd been led to believe that just one round in the sacred calibre would be capable of going through all four of them.

    The fat fucking doley cunts.
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  12. I think you could be wrong it would require 4 X AP 7.62 mm to do the job .

    These people seem to be an example of " Professional " claimants and they will probably know chapter and verse how to exploit the system .
  13. I see the papers are saying that there are not enough fruit and vegetable pickers so prices will have to go up. Get these fat f***ers down on the farm, working...................... aah..........a flaw in my plan, the fat twats will eat all they pick and GET FATTER !!
    Bugger, back to the drawing board !!!

    mmmm....thinks.... could we use them at sea, as decoys, or islands or targets
  14. Yes it would. However, it would be beneath the dignity of That Rifle to undertake such a task and is probably best left to a more suitable, sink-estate calibre weapon. Still, as the latest statistics show that soldiers aren't topping themselves as frequently as they ought to be, perhaps the Mess Webley can be put to good use before it rusts away?
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