Fattest Man in Britain

Did anyone see this freak of nature on the TV last night? How the hell can people let themselves hit 50 stone is beyond me, especially when he seems to be revelling in the fact that can eat the entire menu of an Indian Restaurant in one sitting, and that his girlfriend of equal proportions has to dry under all the flaps of fat because he just can't reach. I was forced to watch this last night, I have never yelled so much abuse at the TV. The fact is that we are all paying for this huge ball of fat to slob in front of the TV, have to pay for the daily medication to keep this small planet called Barry in the land of the living.

And then to add insult to injury he turns out to be a Birmingham City fan!

Now whilst I can see the attractiveness of being able to sink over 30 pints and still be able to stand (in a fashion), who the hell would want so much bulk that a calf alone is larger than an average mans chest. Waste of flesh.
The fat should be osteracised like smokers are now, infact there should be a fat tax and any foodstuff that contains over a certain percentage of saturated fats should be taxed , then like smokers if you harm your body by prolonged self abuse (and eating too much) then you will have paid the extra money through taxes for your care whilst suffering an obese related illness.

This will never come to pass as being a fat barsteard is now socialbly acceptable because a third of all people are this way now, i dont care what anyone says if your fat you eat too much and exercise too little, the much heralded fat gene is rubbish.

if it exists the human population have had it for thousands of years and there wernt that may fat bastards twenty years ago. Fat to me says, hey look at me, i dont mind abusing my body, i have low self discipline, im lazy and ive given up caring, ffs its not hard just eat the amount of food your body needs, a bit like breathing the amount of air your body needs, its not rocket science just self respect.
Faye Turney in disguise?
Is he now added to the 2007 Dead Pool... :wink:
Scientists now advise that everyone has the fat gene in their body, it just has to be triggered to cause obesity - seems his is triggered by pies, loads and loads of pies.


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Fat Cnuts Anonymous!!! Won't work - you can spot a fat cnut a mile away.

Did I miss the thread on the 2007 Dead Pool or is that even too tasteless for the NAAFI. If the NAAFI can handle it - Blair's my favourite choice.
You mean this hunk of loveliness?

Still, this man makes him look like an anoxeric addict

And both of them have girlfriends... Imagine that on you. :oops: Crikey, it would like have a Harrier repeatedly trying to land on your rear.
not seen the girlfriends----maybe they underneath!!! but hey when they lose weight they will be able to get a job stop claiming benefits and be useful.....all they are useful at the moment is target practice and who could miss??


GuybrushThreepwood said:
I was forced to watch this last night, I have never yelled so much abuse at the TV.
Is that because you were too lazy to shift your fat arrse?

(At no stage during this post have I mentioned Listy).

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