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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sweet_cheek, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Well...as the title says I need to find a diet that will help me to add few pounds here and there.....

    Summer is comming so are my trekking trips. Last season finished with few lovely trips and I hope that this one will be as fruitful. However it aslo left me with 6kg weight lost and perky hips. I regained most of the weight but just need to put on a bit more before I shoot off on my endless adventures again.

    Any advice????? :)
  2. Pies you skinny wench
  3. A 6 pack of beer every night and loads of stodge.....potatoes, croissants, chocolate, fast food
  4. if you are not chewing you are not growing!!
  5. Does't work....How many evenings did I spent on my sofa eating packs of jafa cakes with hot chocolate. No positive effect at all.
  7. Don't complain, you are sooooo lucky!
  8. Guiness and chips
  9. Oh no, Im not complaining at all. I feel lucky knowing that I can eat as much as I want without worrying about my weight. However I also know that I need to put on weight a lot as I know that after 3 week of trekking i will look like a survivor of Auschwitz.
  10. what else are you eating in the day? if you are not putting on weight you are not eating enough! simples!!!!

    make 10 peanutbutter bagels in the morning, set you alarm to go off every 30 min and eat half of one every time your alarm goes off!! and eat 3 big meals and drink high call drinks all day, coke, full fat milk, milk shakes ect ect beer
  11. Get married, you'll end up been a fat useless lard bucket in no time.
  12. See there's your problem.

    Jaffa cakes and hot chocolate are not stodge ridden fat and sugar filled calorie bombs.

    One whole pack of Jaffa cakes is equal to about one mouthfull of a ginsters pasty.

    More pies and pasta required.
  13. Come on, lets be realistic. How much of a beer could I drink. One pint and I will fell asleep.