"Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GuyT, Aug 12, 2007.

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  2. You're right - very interesting.

    Also worrying; if one of the biggest and the most technologically advanced Army in the world is breathing out it's ARRSE, what hope have we got?

    The parallels with Vietnam are spooky; an unpopular and, for all intents and purposes, unwinnable war. Massive casuality rates. A Government out of touch with reality. And now talk of bringing back the Draft(although I still don't see that happening).

    The main differance, of course, is that we were not involved in Vietnam. Here, we are in the same position as the Septics - up to our necks in sh1te.
  3. The draft?

    I couldn't imagine that happening in my lifetime.
  4. I doubt anyone seriously believes it's on the cards, mate. It would be expensive - new recruits have to be equipped, trained, paid and fed - and, more importantly, political suicide.

    It would only happen if Bush believed God had told him to do it!

    Oh, hang on... 8O
  5. When is the chimp ending his term? Has an election date been given?

    I wonder what the next president will do. A broken military, public opinion etc etc
  6. The Chimp is potentially the most dangerous; he does'nt have to worry about re-election, so he may decide to go out with a bang.

    God help us...
  7. That would be an Iran centred bang I presume.
  8. FFS, be careful what you Post! No Such Agency is probably reading this and I don't want the Shrub to get any more "good" ideas!
  9. It tells us one thing about the two wars folks.No matter how well armed your vast armies are and how well equipt they are you will simply not beat a determined freedom fight either in Iraq or Afghanistan.The Afghans have beaten the might of the Russian/Soviet army and are about to beat the might of the American/British armies as well.These freedom fighters are being supplied by either Russia, China, Korea or Iran and that is without aircraft being involved as well.So if the Americans have not learned anything from Vietnam then their army will leave just like they did back in the seventies beaten and humiliated.
  10. Given the circumstances what I find surprising is how high US Army morale has remained. A lot of guys are now on their third long tour in a peculiarly frustrating war. To support "The Surge" the Army tours are now stretched to fifteen months and there's the nagging worry they'll bt extended. That is a long time for a young man to be away from the wife and kids.

    CFR had this:
    And the USMC is unsurprisingly in much better shape because of it.
    A tour rotation of six months makes a hell of a difference.
  11. You see, it's information like this that irritates me - the MoD just issued a DIN that says service men and women are not allowed to speak about defence related issues in public.

    Yet the Afghanis and Iraqis who are fighting get to read publications such as the one quoted above - issued by UK MoD or US DoD that discuss in detail the effects of mobilisation and how that affects personnel.

    Documents such as this tell the Afghanis and Iraqis (and anyone else who might want to kick off) where to apply pressure. Quite similar to the way the Soviets were forced out of Afghanistan and the USA from Vietnam.

    Yet Pte Tommy Atkins posting here is a danger to National Security.

    I love it when the Government does all my grown up thinking for me.
  12. Agree with most of what you have Posted - except your use of the term "freedom fighters". They are terrorist scum. End of.

    Unfortunately, your conclusion that the British and American armies are on a hiding to nothing is probably totally correct. Although this is the fault of our political leaders, not the guys on the ground.
  13. [quote="Mr_Relaxed] According to a May 2007 Pentagon-commissioned study, 45 percent of the junior-enlisted Army soldiers overall rated unit morale as low or very low, while one in five soldiers suffers from a mental health disorder like depression or anxiety. More than half of the soldiers surveyed are concerned by exceedingly long tours—which in April were extended from twelve to fifteen months (Marines’ tours remain unaffected)

    Strangely enough this is, quite literally, Catch 22 as described by Joseph Heller. You'd have to be insane not to be anxious and/or depressed at the thought of your third 15 month tour with the possibility of even more to come.
  14. Solution:

    Get fitter and desist from invading sovereign nations.

    PS. Ram home to your ludicrous and fatuous politicians that 'war' is not quite like that portrayed in Hollywood.

    PPS. Think about the lessons learned in Vietnam.

    PPPS. Adopt a policy an isolationist foreign policy - quickly!